Pacesetter Members

Class of 2016
Total amount raised $3,643.51

4 people presenting check for three thousand six hundred forty three dollars and fifty one cents

Pictured, left to right: Alison Taylor, Kelly Davis, Annabeth Collier, Michael Hutchison

Class of 2015

Total amount raised $4,547.26

2015 Pacesetters

Pictured, left to right: Alison Taylor, Sarah Casey, Jayne Jones, Keenan Jumper

Class of 2014

"Moving Tech Forward" total amount raised $5,459.00


Pictured, left to right: Clay Wyllia, Barbara Braga, Taylor Phoumivong, Paige Leavell, Caitlyn Brinegar, Xiahan "Linda" Du, Jayne Jones
Not pictured: Chelsea Alexander, Ashley McPhee, Jessica Parker, Caitlin Robertson

Class of 2013

"Moving Tech Forward" raised $2,036.74

Pacesetters 2013

Cat Singleton, Bryan Ferguson, Marvin Suggs, Caroline Vining, Aaron Wallis
Marissa Reynolds, Amanda Sparks, Brooke Smith, Chelsea Lairamore, Cassie Williams, Clay Wyllia Not pictured: Molly Burns, Jake Denzer, Brittany Pilcher, Samantha Ritchie

Class of 2012

"Remembering our Roots, Branching Out" campaign raised over $1600

2012 Pacesetters

Committee Members:
Sara Youngblood, Jose Harber, Chantel Moseby, Jake Smith, Savanna Knight, Roger Norman, Nichole Christensen, Nicole Foster
Not pictured: Elliott Brown

Class of 2011

"Invest in the Now" campaign raised over $2000

2011 Pacesetters

Commiittee Members: Dana Florian, Travis Flower, Lydia Grate, Brad Gwatney, Danielle Jolie, Lade Lamina, Tesa Murray, Keyvan Sierra, Gentry Tubbs

Class of 2010

"I Believe in Tech" campaign raised over $1800

Committee Members:
Nikki Alderman, Megan Allen, Jerry Bailey, Tanna Bartlett, Jemile Begmyradova, Kirsten Boyd, Jessica Bradshaw, Sarah Curlin, Taylor Gates, David Hamilton, Carl Harris, Christina Keaster, Savanna Knight, Autumn Laffoon, Brad McBride, Cody McBride, Tayler Melton, Kayla New, Dustin Parsons, Chyrl Plumb

Class of 2009

"100 Years - Pay it Forward" campaign raised over $1700

Committee Members:
Stephanie Arflin, Becca Burrows, Ellen Ford, Callie Hartman, Megumi Inaba, John Kennedy, Kate Leelaporn, Megumi Muranaka, Melissa Pate, Dustin Parsons, Bob Pellagrino, Whitney Simmons, Anna Webb, Amanda Woods, Cody Wright

Class of 2008

"Giving Back to the Future" campaign raised over $2000

Committee Members:
Tanna Bartlett, Sarah Busch, Ashley Givens, John Hackmann, Zach Harris, Erin Howard, Leslie Miller, Malorie Moody, Amy Murphy, Sarah Norman, Amanda Oldner, Dustin M. Parsons, Cory Smith, Ross White

Class of 2007

"Building Opportunities" campaign raised $950

Committee Members:
Kim Dyer, David Hamilton, Kristy Hefley, Cody Hill, Katie McCormick, Sarah Norman, Josh Rogers, Adena Strickland, Sharon Terell

Class of 2006

"Beginning a Legacy" campaign raised $1287.40

Committee Members:
Addie Balch, Sarah Clutts, Jana Capper, Ashlee Giles, Amy Griffin, William Robert Haynes, Gina Parker, Melissa Selby, Bryan Stobaugh, David Terrell, Lucian David Welch, Matt White