About Us  

The Green and Gold Cupboard is a food pantry dedicated to feeding and serving the needs of the Arkansas Tech family.  It began as a student-led effort from the registered student organization, Because We Can.  In 2016, Tyson Foods generously awarded the ATU campus a grant for $67,760.46 to begin work on the Green and Gold Cupboard.  Arkansas Tech University donated the property on 1019 North Arkansas Avenue in Russellville.  Through the successful efforts of our inaugural summer food drive in 2017, over one ton of donations have poured in, mostly from hardworking staff.  The pantry exists to serves healthy, nutritious, non-perishable food and hygiene products to anyone with a valid Tech ID--students, staff, or faculty. 




To ensure that all members of the Tech Family are fed.


 From food to family -- making the Tech difference



Why open a Tech food pantry?

Food insecurity is a major problem in the River Valley area of Arkansas, where 1 in 5 families are food insecure (USDA, 2015). Given the rising costs of a university education coupled with a stagnation in wage increases, there is a greater need for access to food to meet basic nutritional needs of both students and employees.  Food insecurity is wondering not only where you're going to eat your next meal, but if you're going to get a next meal.

By establishing a campus pantry, students will gain a greater awareness of issues on campus and in their community.  It will also connect Arkansas Tech University to the larger network of organizations that deal with food insecurity statewide, and committing the University towards the larger effort to combat food insecurity in the state and nation.


Who can use the pantry?

 The GGC is open to anyone with a valid Tech ID, including all current faculty, staff, and students at ATU and the ATU Ozark campus.


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