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The College of eTech offers three fully online bachelor’s degrees to meet the varying needs of our students.  At Arkansas Tech, we won't leave you to figure out your future alone. When you enroll, you become so much more than a student — you become part of a community of students, faculty, mentors, and staff all united under one common goal: your success. Students complete the necessary hours for their degree within a convenient yet directed scheduling format under the guidance of academic advisors who understand the unique needs of online learners.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (BA-OL)
The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership (BA-OL) provides students with comprehensive, specialized instruction in the application of leadership concepts highly sought after by employers across a wide variety of settings and career paths.  Students enrolled in the BA-OL will learn about leadership theory, leadership development, supervision, workplace learning and communication, non-profit leadership and community development, globalization and diversity, and organizational change.  Upon completion of this degree, students will be equipped to seek out numerous opportunities based on individual skill set, interests, and initiative. 

The BA-OL also offers the following concentrations:

·         Agricultural Business

·         Child Development

·         Criminal Justice

·         Industrial/Organizational Psychology

·         Inter-College Program

·         Public Relations

·         Workforce Technology

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)
The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree provides students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in any discipline a seamless transition to an online bachelor’s degree.  Students will receive instruction in the areas of communication, critical thinking and problem solving, analytical skills, ethics, diversity, teamwork, technical expertise, leadership, and management.  This stackable education sequence enhances an individual's academic qualifications and increases the potential for career upward mobility. 

Bachelor of Professional Studies Interdisciplinary Studies (BPS-IDS)
The Bachelor of Professional Studies Interdisciplinary Studies (BPS-IDS) is a degree completion track for students with 90+ earned hours in need of an accelerated path to graduation.  The concentrated curriculum is designed to enhance workplace skills such as planning, organizational behavior, ethics, needs assessment, problem solving, communications, human resources, and technology applications.

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Students can earn Credit for Prior Learning through the Prior Learning Assessment process. This is one of the major advantages of the Bachelor of Professional Studies, awarding qualified students up to 12 hours of academic credit for documented prior learning in specific content areas. The PLA is conducted through a portfolio process with guidance and direction from Professional Studies faculty. 


Where can I get more information about Department of Professional Studies Degree Options?

For more information about the Professional Studies major and requirements please call 479-968-0318 or send an email to Program specifics are listed within the Arkansas Tech University catalog: