Once you are admitted to Arkansas Tech, you will need to visit with a faculty member in the academic program you choose. For more information about a particular program, please contact the person listed below for the program in which you are interested:

Associate of Arts Degree, General Education
Dr. Jeffery Woods, jwoods@atu.edu , (479) 968-0274

Associate of Science Degree (Pre-K)
Dr. Mary Ann Rollans, mrollans@atu.edu, (479) 968-0234

Bachelor of Science Degree, Early Childhood Education
Dr. David Bell, dbell@atu.edu, (479) 968-0392

Bachelor of Professional Studies/Accelerated Degree Program
Julia Pope, jpope@atu.edu, (479) 356-6248

Bachelor of Science Degree, Emergency Administration and Management
Dr. Sandy Smith, ssmith107@atu.edu ,(479) 498-6039

Bachelor of Science Degree, RN to BSN Program
Sarah Hottinger, shottinger3@atu.edu, (479) 498-2832

Master of Science Degree, Emergency Administration and Homeland Security
Ms. Jamie Earls, jearls@atu.edu , (479) 880-4046

Master of Science Degree, College Student Personnel
Dr. Chris Giroir, cgiroir@atu.edu , (479) 880-4047

Master of Science Degree, Health Informatics
Dr. Melinda Wilkins, mwilkins@atu.edu, (479) 968-0441

Master of Science Degree, Business Administration
Dr. Stephen Jones, sjones@atu.edu, (479) 968-0233

Master of Arts, Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages
Dr. Carl Brucker, cbrucker@atu.edu, (479)968-0484

Master of Education, Educational Leadership
Dr. Christopher Tombly, ctrombley@atu.edu, (479)968-0424

Educational Specialist, Educational Leadership
Dr. Mona Chadwick, mchadwick@atu.edu, (479)356-2001