Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's Degree

Associate of Science in Nuclear Technology

Educational Objectives

  • To produce graduates who use the engineering skills and technical ability gained through the program to embark upon successful careers in mechanical engineering.
  • To produce graduates who engage in life-long learning.
  • To produce graduates who employ engineering analysis, experimental methods, and design techniques to solve engineering.
  • To produce graduates who demonstrate skills pertinent to the design process including the ability to formulate problems, to think creatively, to communicate effectively, to synthesize information and to work collaboratively.
  • To produce graduates who understand their professional and ethical responsibilities.

Student Learning Objectives

In order to meet the mission and educational objectives of the program, the Mechanical Engineering Department at Arkansas Tech University established the following list of attributes as goals for its graduating students.

Student Outcomes

Students Graduating From The Mechanical Engineering Program Should Have:
  1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  2. An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyse and interpret data.
  3. An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needswithin realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political ,ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability.
  4. An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams.
  5. An ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
  6. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
  7. An ability to communicate effectively.
  8. The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  9. A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  10. A knowledge of contemporary issues.
  11. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering; tools necessary for engineering practice.
  12. An ability to apply advanced mathematics through multivariate calculus and differential equations
  13. An ability to apply principles of engineering, basics science, and mathematics to model, analyze, design, and realize physical systems, components or processes.
  14. An ability to work professionally in both thermal and mechanical systems.


Institutional Research Reports

Comprehensive Graduation Report

CIP Code ATU/ADHE Degree Title CIP Title
11.0101 Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering
CIP Code Classification of Instruction Programs (CIP) Code is defined by the National Center for Educational Statistics for reporting data to various entities

ATU/ADHE ATU - Arkansas Tech University ADHE - Arkansas Department of Higher Education
Degree Title Mechanical Engineering - Title Used by industry
CIP Title Mechanical Engineering - Title Used by industry 
*N Number of students conferred a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degree during the school year
*% Percentage of BSME Degrees of all baccalaureate degrees conferred during a school year
(*) term used in comprehensive report

Comprehensive Enrollment Report

Degree Level
ATU Degree Program Title
ATU Major
BSME Mechanical Engineering MCEG
BSME Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering