Technology Information for New Students

Getting Logged in at Tech


Tips for Taking an EAM Internet Course

  • CHECK the course syllabus to get answers regarding textbooks needed, instructor's expectations, and due dates for assignments.
  • Most assignments are created in Microsoft Word and sent to the instructor via e-mail. In certain situations, fax or U.S. Mail may be utilized.
  • Begin EVERY e-mail to the instructor with a reference to the course number, lesson number, and name (i.e., EAM 1013 Lesson 1, John Doe).
  • If you send ATTACHMENTS to your e-mail, be sure that you mention that you are attaching a document, so that the instructor will know, in case the attachment does not arrive. Also, place the course number, lesson number, and your name inside the document.
  • Make BACK-UPs of everything you do. The first rule in Emergency Management is to have an alternate plan. DO NOT COMPLETE AN ASSIGNMENT AND DELETE IT AFTER YOU E-MAIL IT! If the instructor does not have it, you did not do it.
  • If you are having technical problems with Blackboard, contact: Annette Stuckey at or by phone at (479) 964-0546.
  • If you are not able to access the EAM mid-term or final exams, phone (479) 356-2092.
  • If you have problems accessing hyperlinks,
  • If you have problems with your home computer, you may use the computers in Dean 102.

Navigating an Internet Course

  • To take an EAM Internet course, use a java-capable web browser such as Internet Explorer. Type in
  • When you see the instructor's name underlined and in a different color than the rest of the text, this is a hyperlink to e-mail the instructor (i.e. Professor Rick Ihde). Click on the name and you will get an email "new message window." Fill it out, click the PRINT icon, then click SEND to email the instructor. Remember, you need to keep a printed copy of all your correspondence with your instructor.
  • If you should get a dialogue box stating that mail preferences have not been set, click EDIT on the drop-down menu of the browser, then click on PREFERENCES, then MAIL & NEWSGROUPS, then IDENTITY. Type in your name and your e-mail address, then click OK. Return to your Internet course to e-mail the instructor.
  • Some hyperlinks may take you away from the Internet course website. When this occurs, click the BACK button on your browser to get back to the course.