Region VI Higher Education Collaborative SUMMIT

The purpose of the FEMA Region VI Higher Education Collaborative is to establish a regional community of educators, engaged in an ongoing dialogue to share information and foster collaboration among colleges, universities, and Centers of Excellence in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Ultimately, these efforts will serve to increase resiliency and enhance disaster preparation and response efforts by emergency management and homeland security agencies, practitioners, and other affected stakeholders.

Forging the Change: Connecting Academia and Emergency Management through the lens of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  

Join us at the Region 6 Higher Education Collaborative Summit as we bring together educators, researchers, emergency managers and students, to share information, network and foster collaboration.  The Summit aims to connect educators, practitioners, and researchers in the spirit of community that promotes a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive field of emergency management.


September 14-15


 Chambers West Dining Room (in-person)

Online streaming available!


Goals of the FEMA Region VI Higher Education Collaborative:

  • Maximize stakeholder engagement.
  • Confront challenges facing academic programs.
  • Incorporate practical experience and experiential learning into academic curricula.
  • Promote diversity in the profession.
  • Balance homeland security issues and emergency management principles in college and university programs.
  • Bring together emergency management and homeland security academics and practitioners to share efforts and discuss opportunities.
  • Promote research that addresses homeland security and emergency management issues.


Join in-person or virtually, September 14-15





Agenda Coming Soon

Location:          Arkansas Tech University, Chambers West Dining
Date:                 September 14-15, 2022