Emergency Training & Programs

A key aspect of emergency preparedness is the training and exercising of plans and procedures. The Arkansas Tech Office of Emergency Management develops and facilitates exercises to test the university’s response capabilities.  Training and exercising reveals gaps or weaknesses in existing plans. These learning experiences are then incorporated into future planning efforts.

Training and exercise is available for all ATU departments and organizations. To request training, contact Heath Whorton at mwhorton1@atu.edu.


The Campus Community Emergency Response Team (C-CERT) is a student organization at ATU whose members become certified in basic disaster response skills.  These include fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization skills, and disaster medical operationsC-CERT

In a disaster, first responders may be delayed or overwhelmed with calls for service.  ATU C-CERT attempts to fill in this gap.  During a disaster where first responders are available, the C-CERT may still be used to stabilize the event.

The C-CERT training includes the following topics; disaster preparedness, fire safety, medical operations, light search and rescue, CERT organization & Incident Command System (ICS), disaster psychology, and terrorism.  C-CERT training is held annually.

Initial C-CERT training is being scheduled for the Spring 2016 semester.  For more information, contact Heath Whorton at mwhorton1@atu.edu.

The ATU Office of Emergency Management is in the process of selecting staff members from each building on campus to participate in a Building Managers program. 


During an emergency, building managers will play a crucial role in facilitating response in their buildings.  Building managers will provide critical information to first responders.  Building managers will also play a role in disseminating safety and emergency preparedness information to the occupants of their buildings.

If you are interested in becoming a building manager, contact Heath Whorton at mwhorton1@atu.edu.

Take ownership of your preparedness.  

ATU Office of Emergency Management provides training to individuals, departments, and organizations in personal emergency preparedness, including ATU response procedures, developing your own department or office plan, and assembling emergency preparedness kits.  This training is offered in a variety of ways.Manwithbag

ATU Office of Emergency Management can come to your department/faculty/staff/student organization meeting and present on personal and workplace preparedness, as well as describing the way ATU will communicate with staff and faculty during an emergency (30 minutes – 1 hour).

Abbreviated versions can be given in ~15 minutes.

To request training, contact Heath Whorton at mwhorton1@atu.edu.

Help make ATU ready…

Exercise Your Department’s Plan!

The best way for ATU to prepare is for each department and office to take ownership of their own readiness.  You can check out the resources page for help developing your department plans.  Whether you have a plan in place or need help developing one first. We can also develop small tabletop exercises to exercise your plan for your department.  Exercises can last anywhere between 1-2 hours.

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To request an exercise, contact Heath Whorton at mwhorton1@atu.edu.