Preparedness Resources

Creating preparedness at the individual and department level is perhaps the most effective way to create a resilient ATU!  Use the resources below for tips on making yourself or your organization more prepared. Your preparedness is our preparedness.

Check out the resources below and become ATU Ready.


The need to prepare is real:
  • Disasters happen.

  • When it does happen, local responders may be overwhelmed.  They may not be able to reach you immediately or may have to focus resources elsewhere.

  • You need to know how to respond to disasters; tornadoes, floods, fires, winter weather, etc.

  • Be able to sustain and protect yourself from the elements for several days following a disaster.  You may not have power or access to utilities.
Steps to be prepared:
  1. Be informed. 

  2. Make a plan. Review ATU emergency procedures.

  3. Make your own emergency supply kit!

  4. Know how to contact your family!

ATU Ready

You need to know two things about emergency response at Arkansas Tech University.

  1. There is an administrative plan to respond to crisis; the Emergency Operations Plan.

  2. The emergency procedures can be found here and are also distributed around campus in flip charts.

Familiarize yourself with these things to be prepared.  You may also contact the campus emergency manager with questions regarding your department's plan.






Make sure your department has a continuity plan.

The goal of continuity plan is to ensure that in the event of a disruption or emergency, you can continue to perform your essential functions.  

Remember, power outages, winter weather, or gas leaks may be just as disruptive to your operations as major disasters.

Remember these as you start your plan:
  • All or part of your primary facility may be inaccessible.

  • Information systems may be degraded.

  • Hardcopy records may be destroyed.

  • Staff members may be impacted and unable to work.
A continuity plan provides the following:
  1. A snapshot of your operations; defining of your essential functions.

  2. Conduct an impact assessment and determine maximum allowable downtime.

  3. Develop coping strategies to continue operations.

Contact Heath Whorton at for help in developing your department's continuity plan.





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