Reporting Emergencies


When to call 911:

Call 911 in all emergencies.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is any immediate threat to life and/or property that requires immediate response from police, fire or Emergency Medical Services. Some examples of emergencies are crimes in progress, any kind of fire or a serious injury or illness. If you are not sure if an incident falls into an emergency classification, feel free to call 911 when an immediate response is needed. The Department of Public Safety can be reached at (479)968-0222.

How should I report an emergency?

Non-Emergency Telephone Numbers

The following telephone numbers are provided for non-emergency situations. Using these numbers will provide a prompt response from the responsible agency, while keeping 911 lines free for emergencies. All 911 calls are voice and TTY.

Public Safety non-emergency


(479) 968-0222

Physical Plant


(479) 968-0261