Mental Health Emergency

In the event of overtly threatening behavior constituting an immediate threat to self or others, notify call 911 or Public Safety at (479) 968-0222.

In non-emergency situations, refer students to the University Counseling Center at (479) 968-0329.

Don't worry alone. If you are concerned about a student and are unsure what to do, consult with the Counseling Center at (479) 968-0329 or contact Public Safety at (479) 968-0222.

Express your concerns directly to the individual.

Make referral in the presence of the individual and offer to accompany them.

Watch for changes in behavior:

  • Verbal expression of suicidal or violent thoughts;
  • Excessively morbid, violent or depressing themes in written assignments;
  • Impaired speech or garbled/disjointed thoughts;
  • High levels of irritability;
  • Excessive drinking or drug use;
  • Severe loss of emotional control;
  • Changes in hygiene, speech, attentiveness or social interaction;
  • Significant changes in academic or work performance.