Active Shooter


Active shooter is a person who is using a firearm or other weapon with the intent to injure or kill others. Law enforcement personnel will deploy to the location of the active shooter with the primary goal of stopping the shooter.

An active shooter incident can occur under a variety of circumstances, so no one set of guidelines is able to cover specific actions to take in every situation. Even so, familiarity with the following information can help with planning your own survival strategy in a variety of incidents. When an active shooter situation arises remember the acronym A.D.D. to assist in planning your response strategy:

A - Avoid the confrontation
D - Deny access to your location
D - Defend yourself


AVOID the Confrontation, if an active shooter event occurs outside or inside your building:

DENY access to your location if unable to AVOID the confrontation.

DEFEND yourself if an active shooter enters your room.


What to expect from responding officers:

Police officers are responding to an active shooter may be wearing regular uniforms, plainclothes, or special tactical gear. They will be clearly defined as law enforcement officers. The following may happen during an active shooter event.