Tuition and Fees 
8-week sessions 


 Spring 2019

One Session

Two Sessions

Classroom Hours**


24 + 24

ELI Tuition



International Student Fee (Flat Fee Charge) $30 $30
Student Activity Fee (per credit hour) $25 $50
Public Safety Fee (per credit hour) $22.50 $45
Library Fee (per credit hour) $10 $20
Technology Operations Fee (per credit hour) $165 $330
Instructional Support Fee (per credit hour) $110 $220
Facilities Fee (per credit hour) $160 $320
Athletic Student Fee (per credit hour) $192.50 $360
Health/Wellness Fee (per credit hour) $77.50 $155
ELI Tutorial and Exam Fee (One time Charge) $180 $180
Total Tuition & Fees $3,232.50 $6,465


Note: International students will need to be prepared to pay for both 8-week sessions at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Students with letters of financial guarantee from a third party payor must have the documents to the Student Accounts Office prior to the start of the semester. For the fall and spring sessions, the effective dates of the financial guarantee must cover both 8-week sessions in order to hold classes until payment is received. The effective dates for the summer session must cover the full session as well.

The University reserves the right to change fees and charges at any time if conditions necessitate or permit the change.

* Fall rates were determined using current instate rates and 10 credit hours per session.

* Insurance rates not included.