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Ahmed from Saudi Arabia


My hometown is in Jeddah, a city near the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. I decided to come to ATU and study English, because my wife is here working on her MA in TESOL. I wanted the English experience and to later study TESOL too. I got my BA in Islamic studies and later my MA in Special Education. With TESOL I will be a better teacher. Also, with English, I can travel anywhere and be able to speak to the people there.

Over the break I hope to go to Los Angeles with my family. We hope to visit Disneyland, SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and other places. We will also drive there, so we hope to see many beautiful things on the way.

But first, finals! Tips for other students? To be a successful student and learn English, it's a good idea to talk to any person, other international students, American students or even American neighbors. Travel around, watch movies in English with subtitles. Also do more reading. Studying and time are most important to be a good student.


Yvonne from China


Hi! I'm from Guangzhou, China, and it is much, much bigger than Russellville. Here, a drive across town is ten minutes. There it will be one hour! There are many people, cars, and tall apartments. I really think my favorite thing about Russellville is the silence! The coolest thing about my hometown is the Guangzhou Tower. I also love the Morning Tea Restaurant. They have great tea and delicious snacks.

I came here because my school, Guangzhou Vocational High School of Trade, has a collaboration program with Arkansas Tech. I studied English there, and now am here to study more, because I can use it in many places around the world. After the ELI, I hope to study business data analysis here at Arkansas Tech.

While here in the U.S., I like to travel and try new food, especially barbecue. That is the most fun part about studying abroad, but I think the most important thing to do is study. Study well and make progress every day, and you will succeed!


Daichi from Japan


My name is Daichi Shigenaga from the Saga prefecture in Japan. I came here in August as part of the Nagasaki International University exchange program. I wanted to learn English, because with English, I can speak to many people, which I love to do. Talking to people abroad lets me learn about so many different cultures, like those of central America. Before coming here I had never met a person from Mexico, Guatemala or Colombia before.

My exchange program here is very short, only one semester. After I go back to Nagasaki University in December, I will finish my degree in hospitality and tourism. I plan to graduate in 2019, so I hope to become a part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games.

So, my advice to any international students planning on coming here: cherish the people you meet. Do not be afraid to talk to others or do new things. Most people are really good, nice and interesting, and it is important to meet them. Do not be afraid to do new things.