Student Learning Objectives


Curriculum & Instruction

As an undergraduate in the department of Curriculum and Instruction, you will learn various ways of applying the fundamental skills and theories needed in order to help future generations through their educational experience. We have three programs leading to Arkansas teacher licensure.

Elementary Education

Students will be able to develop lesson plans for kindergarten through sixth grade. Students will cultivate a thorough understanding of student development. Students will be able to teach children fundamental skills in creative and interesting ways.

Middle Children/Early Adolescence

Students will be able to develop lesson plans designed for children in grades four through eight. Students will demonstrate an understanding of professionalism in the education field through implementation of professional behaviors in daily work with families, students, co-workers, and the community. Student will be able to apply critical thinking skills that they have mastered throughout our program.

Secondary Education

Students will design developmentally-appropriate curriculum and classroom practices for grades seven through twelve. Students will be able to apply various techniques in order to guide and develop future generations. Students will develop necessary skills in order to reiterate or reestablish practices

College Student Personnel

Health & Physical Education