Education Unit Conceptual Framework

"Professionals of the 21st Century"

Our Vision:

Students are "Professionals of the 21st Century" who will internalize, initiate, and sustain a professional commitment to impact learners in diverse and evolving learning communities.

Our Mission:

The mission of our Educational Unit at Arkansas Tech University is to positively impact student learning by educating, sustaining, and nurturing professionals who interact within dynamic educational systems through research-, performance-, and standards-based preservice and graduate education programs.

We will do this by modeling best practices, by being committed to continuous learning and purposeful reflection, and by working collaboratively with internal and external constituencies.

This mission statement is directly aligned with the mission of Arkansas Tech University. Excerpts from the mission statement of Arkansas Tech University are included below (The statement may be viewed here).

Mission Statement:

Arkansas Tech University a state-supported institution of higher education, is dedicated to nurturing scholastic development, integrity, and professionalism. The University offers a wide range of traditional and innovative programs which provide a solid educational foundation for life-long learning to a diverse community of learners.

The mission of the unit is founded upon a set of core values, which, in turn drive the conceptual framework, which guides the development of programs and the delivery of courses within each program. The core values are born of our consideration for our goal of excellence in teaching, which is related to the "primary" function of Arkansas Tech University; the examination of established national, state, and unit standards for teaching and learning; and the review of curriculum experiences and expectations in all programs with a vision of "impacting learners in diverse learning communities."

Our Philosophy, Purposes and Goals

Knowledge Bases, including Theories, Research, Wisdom of Practice, and Educational Policies: