All of the various education programs at Arkansas Tech University are accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, which has been the leading teacher education accrediting agency in the United States since 1954. In addition to national accreditation, as a unit, all programs pursue national specialized program association (SPA) recognition for the programs for which this potential recognition exists. As of spring 2018, eleven programs have received national recognition, and one is currently being reviewed. Program recognition is further indication of our teacher and other school personnel candidates' and graduates' ability to positively impact student learning while demonstrating professional effectiveness. 

The Arkansas Tech University College of Education is pleased to offer these nationally-accredited and nationally-recognized programs to our teacher education candidates and other school personnel candidates. We are committed to continuously assessing our students, our programs, and our practices in multiple ways to ensure that we are effectively developing Professionals of the 21st Century who are equipped to positively impact learners in diverse and evolving learning communities.



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