NCATE 2005

Ark. Department of Education


Welcome to the Arkansas Tech University School of Education NCATE website. We have an interest in continuing accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, but we have an even greater commitment to the youth who are in our schools.

Our youth deserve the best teachers we can possibly prepare. Our disposition (attitude) about our task is best expressed by our mission statement: "The mission of the School of Education at Arkansas Tech university is to positively impact student learning by educating, sustaining, and nurturing professionals who interact within dynamic education systems through research, performance, and standards-based pre-service and graduate education programs. We will do this by modeling best practices, by being committed to continuous learning and purpose reflection, and by working collaboratively within internal and external constituencies."

The NCATE paradigm makes a good organizer for our efforts, which are directed toward the end of preparing the best possible teachers for our youth, who are our future. There are six standards in the NCATE structure and the links to the left show our everyday progress in meeting those standards.

As of April 20, 2005, all programs met all six standards. Final accreditation from the Unit Accreditation Board was granted in fall of 2005 and all programs are accredited for seven years, hence the name of this site "NCATE2012."