Trainings & Workshops


Diversity and Inclusion offers the Tech community professional training and workshop opportunities. Please refer to the calendar of events for the training schedule. 



SafeZone Training:safe

A three-hour interactive training that establishes an identifiable network of individuals who can provide support, information, and a safe place for LGBTQ persons. This training is for any staff, faculty and students that seek to provide a Safe Space for LGBTQ persons. Those who complete the training are considered an "ALLY" to the LBGTQ community and thus are encourage to display their "Ally Placard" visible to all.


SafeZone Training:

A three-hour interactive training that trains our Tech community how to provide safe spaces for secular students (Secular students are those who identify with nonreligious or nontheistic labels, such as atheists, agnostics, humanists, and many others). Secular Safe Zone Ally training is for all ages, beliefs, and walks of life. Allies are taught special skills like how to deal with bullying, common terminology, navigating cultural differences, and much more.