Diversity & Inclusion

Arkansas Tech University’s Department of Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) focuses on enhancing the experiences of Students within the underrepresented population. While creating a campus environment and culture that celebrates inclusiveness and multiculturalism, DDI aims to impact students from their first year to graduation.

DDI is the home to many trainings, workshops (Cultural Competency, Microaggressions, LGBTQA Institute, LEADership Institute-Arkansas Tech to name a few), events (MLK Celebration, Heritage Month Celebrations etc.) and programs designed to strengthen the cultural competency of the entire campus community.  DDI will serves as an advocate and support mechanism for underrepresented students at Tech.  DDI will work collaboratively across campus to engage in meaningful discussions towards moving Tech from simply addressing equality but to equity.


The Department of Diversity and Inclusion is guided by the Tech commitment to diversity and inclusion (1) to promote a diverse, inclusive campus climate for all students, (2) to advocate for underrepresented students, (3) to provide educational trainings for the entire campus, and (4) to celebrate the diverse cultures within our community of learners.