Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) focuses on enhancing and supporting the experiences of students within underrepresented populations and marginalized groups. While promoting a campus environment that welcomes inclusiveness, multiculturalism, and social justice, DDI aims to enrich student success from the first-year until graduation. DDI is the primary support for registered student organizations (RSOs) that represent aspects of diversity and inclusion; DDI is also home to diversity and social justice trainings/ workshops, and cultural celebration events designed to support the overall success of underserved students as well as strengthen the cultural competency of the campus community, therefore fostering a conscious campus climate while steadily moving ATU from equality to equity.

By attending events and trainings that promote inclusive excellence and a diverse culture across campus, students will be able to:

1. Develop necessary cultural competency skills

2. Distinguish equity from equality

3. Employ inclusive language in and outside of the classroom




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FALL SEMESTER 2020 Event Calendar

**PLEASE BE ADVISED**  Programs may be subject to change to either virtual events or be cancelled pending COVID-19 outlooks**


18     **CANCELLED** D.I.V.E. into DDI Kickoff/Party on the Pavement; Tucker Parking Lot; Time: 5-8 p.m.          

The DIVE (acronym stands for Diversity and Inclusion Validates Everyone) will be held in conjunction with other Welcome Week events, including Meet the Greeks and Food Truck Night. The Kickoff is designed to showcase our department as a primary resources for minority/marginalized domestic students at ATU. This year, it will also introduce the campus to our newly formed LLC (living and learning community). The event is a street-fair environment and will involve water-themed activities and games, food, inflatables, and free t-shirts.

27:        Virtual Minority Student Mixer/First Year Engagement Night; ZOOM 5-7 p.m.

DDI will host incoming freshman minority students to a get-to-know-you social via zoom to become acquainted with minority faculty and staff, members of Black Faculty and Staff Organization (BFSO), and minority student leaders to build rapport and potential mentorships during their first year of college.



3:            DDI Student Outreach Day Tabling; Chambers Dining Hall; 12-2 p.m.

DDI staff will table in high-traffic student areas to increase visibility and offer resource information, tips, and advice to help underrepresented students be successful and drive home why it would benefit them to complete their degree at ATU.

9:           **CANCELLED* Voter Registration Drive Partnership with Civic Engagement: Baz-Tech Main Lobby 12-3 p.m.    (*On-Track)

DDI is anticipating hosting a voter registration drive in conjunction with the Office of Civic Engagement. We will check and see if this date works for them. 

10:         DAB Virtual Roundtable; 5-6 p.m. 

DDI will bring together the top officers of all ATU’s culturally and identity based RSOs to have a roundtable brainstorm about each RSO’s plans for the year including their roles in helping to attract and retain first-year students by creating environments that promote a sense of belonging.

16:          Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) Kickoff; Social Media

DDI plans to invite the entire campus to a one-hour event celebrating the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, including Hispanic foods, music, and informational booths. DDI plans to partner with ATU’s Hispanic faculty to bring their classes to the kickoff as well.

24:        Minorities and Mental Health; Online via WebEx; 1:30 p.m.(On-Track*) 

DDI plans to partner with the ATU Department of Student Wellness to have a discussion with students regarding the importance of mental health, specifically in minority communities, and why the topic has been stigmatized for so long but is now becoming more normalized in society. All in attendance are welcome to share personal stories of struggles and/or triumphs with mental health but will not be forced to. The format will be that of a roundtable focus group so that feedback can be used for assessment purposes and all attendees will be informed up front of this. Assessment surveys will be administered to students after the workshop.

29:        Multicultural Greek Roundtable; Doc Bryan 180; 6-7 p.m. 

DDI will bring together members of ATU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) to discuss their roles in retention of and influence on first-year underrepresented students. 

30:         Diversity Dialogues: Instgram Live; 3 p.m.

DDI will host monthly conversations that are diversity and social justice centered regarding current events and students’ experiences.


12:          Indigenous Land Forum/Columbus Day Discussion; Instagram Live *On-Track* 

DDI will host a land acknowledgement to the Osage Nation, which is the Native tribe who occupied and owned the current land ATU and the city of Russellville currently sits on. We will also be highlighting the importance of understanding colonization, occupied lands, and how they are linked to higher education.

13:         Mid-Term Tabling Outreach; Social Media; 12 noon

Underrepresented students are encouraged to visit with a member of the DDI staff following mid-terms. Resources and one-on-one consultations concerning test taking methods, study tips, note taking methods, etc. will be provided. Referrals to other campus departments such as the APEX Center, Department of Student Wellness, Office of Financial Aid, etc. will be provided.

14:         Hispanic Heritage Month Keynote address; Online via Zoom (*On-Track) 

DDI will invite an individual significant to the Hispanic/Latinx/a/o Community to deliver an annual keynote address to culminate Hispanic Heritage Month. We will plan to host a dinner with the speaker, Hispanic/Latinx/a/o/ student leaders, students majoring in Spanish, faculty who teach Spanish, and the DDI staff.

15:          *CANCELLED* Inclusive Engagement Workshop; Brown 148; 4 p.m. (*On-Track) (Daily Project 9) 

This interactive workshop will provide exposure of inclusivity and equity practices for students, faculty, and staff to utilize in everyday situations (unconscious bias, privilege, microagressions, cultural appropriation, social justice, restorative justice, equity vs. equality, and culturally competent terminology).

21:         International Pronouns Day; Social Media Campaign 

DDI will participate in the 3rd annual International Pronouns Day by promoting the social media pages to raise awareness regarding referencing all persons with the correct pronouns to honor basic human dignity and expound on why this is essential for transgender and gender-nonconforming people. International Pronouns Day celebrates all identities.

26:          Safe Zone Training; Zoom; 5-7 p.m.

This will be a comprehensive training to educate any interested person on the LGBTQ+ community and becoming an ally for this community.

 28:          Diversity Dialogues; Online; 3 p.m.

DDI will host monthly conversations that are diversity and social justice centered regarding current events and students’ experiences. 

29:          My Culture Isn’t a Costume; Zoom; 3:30-4:30 p.m. (On-Track*)

DDI plans to have a roundtable discussion on cultural appropriation since Halloween will be nearing. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to engage in dialogue about what is appropriate and what is not regarding imitating other ethnic and cultural norms that are highly offensive, i.e. black face, Native-American garb, etc.


2:           Canned Food Drive Kickoff

               DDI plans to have bins set up in the front of the DDI office as well as in other locations with high student traffic to collect canned goods to be given to local charities (ATU Green & Gold Cupboard, Main Street Mission, and River Valley Food For Kids) before ATU’s Thanksgiving break.

5:           **CANCELLED** Interfaith Forum: A Summit on Diversity in Religion and Belief Systems; Baz-Tech 204; 6:30-7:30 p.m.  (*On-track)

DDI invites all faith-based and non-religious belief-based registered student organizations to a summit where each group gets to share about their values, experiences, and customs. DDI recognizes that all beliefs are not rooted in a certain faith and wants to encourage dialogue between every group on either side. Each organization can select a representative to be on a panel to answer questions around the room from those in attendance, but everyone in attendance are welcomed and encouraged to engage in these discussions. An assessment survey will be administered to students after the workshop.

12:        Minority Faculty/Staff Symposium; Zoom; 4 p.m.

DDI will host a symposium that focuses on the experiences of ATU’s minority/marginalized faculty and staff, the recruitment efforts of minority professionals at ATU, how the physical representation of minority/marginalized higher education professionals affects both the recruitment and retention rates of minority/marginalized students, and what can be done to enhance inclusive recruitment.

17:        Black, Brown, and Abroad; Doc Bryan 247; 1:30 p.m. (*On-Track)

DDI will host an informational session for students of color in conjunction with the Study Abroad Coordinator. This session will provide minority students of color with pertinent information regarding the opportunities to study in other countries through ATU’s study abroad program.

20:        Transgender Day of Remembrance; online (DDI Social Media)

Through a series of social media posts, DDI will honor transgender people whose lives were taken by hate, remembering their legacy and standing in solidarity with their families.

23:        Canned Food Drive Culmination and Donation

DDI personnel will collect all bins across campus and will then donate all gathered items to River Valley Food for Kids, Main Street Mission, and ATU Green & Gold Cupboard.