Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) focuses on enhancing and supporting the experiences of students within underrepresented populations and marginalized groups. While promoting a campus environment that welcomes inclusiveness, multiculturalism, and social justice, DDI aims to enrich student success from the first-year until graduation. DDI is the primary support for registered student organizations (RSOs) that represent aspects of diversity and inclusion; DDI is also home to diversity and social justice trainings/ workshops, and cultural celebration events designed to support the overall success of underserved students as well as strengthen the cultural competency of the campus community, therefore fostering a conscious campus climate while steadily moving ATU from equality to equity.

By attending events and trainings that promote inclusive excellence and a diverse culture across campus, students will be able to:

1. Develop necessary cultural competency skills

2. Distinguish equity from equality

3. Employ inclusive language in and outside of the classroom




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SPRING SEMESTER 2021 Event Calendar



13:          DDI Outreach/Welcome Back Virtual Tabling   

DDI staff will table in residential life space to welcome students back in the new year and spring semester. We will also remind students of campus resources available in addition to our office (i.e. APEX Center, Office of Financial Aid, the Department of Student Wellness etc.) and assist students in navigating any problems or concerns they are facing (i.e. assistance getting books, payment plans, academic concerns, health concerns, etc.) to support student persistence and success.


18:         MLK Day of Remembrance and Community Service of Choice; Social Media

DDI will post a series of quotes and pictures to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy. Any student, faculty, and staff interested in rendering community service may do so on their own. Students, faculty, and staff are welcomed to come by the DDI office for an MLK T-shirt no later than Friday January 15. We ask that all who volunteer their services on Monday, January 18, 2021, wear their shirts and post on social media with hashtags #ATUServes and #MLK2021. Tag @atudiversity and DDI will like, share, and retweet your posts throughout the day.

27:         Safe Zone Training; Virtual; 5-7 p.m.

This will be a comprehensive training to educate any interested person on the LGBTQ+ community and becoming an ally for this community.


28:         Tech Teas: Instagram Live; 3 p.m.

DDI will host monthly conversations that are diversity and social justice centered regarding current events and students’ experiences.



1:            Black History Month Kickoff; Social Media and WebEx; 2 p.m. (On-Track)* 

DDI invites the ATU family to a virtual event celebrating the start of Black History Month via WebEx. Participants will learn about the beginnings of Black History Month and what to expect from our office throughout the month of February.


4:           Red Summer, Black Bodies: The Hidden History of America’s Tour of Hate; WebEx; 3:30

               p.m. (*On-Track)

DDI will show excerpts of the historical Red Summer, in which white vigilantes traveled across the nation in the summer of 1919 murdering African-Americans wherever they found them. We will then have a discussion about why such history is not common knowledge to most. History professors will be invited to help facilitate this discussion.


10:         The Body of a Black Man; WebEx; 4 p.m. (*On Track)

DDI will host a roundtable discussion on the recent and current police brutality against black men. We will expound on how the physical attributes of a black man can gain him notoriety on the football field or basketball courts, but those same physical attributes will get a black man killed on the streets.


11:         **CANCELLED** Trap Karaoke; Doc Bryan 242 LIMITED SPACE; 6 p.m.

****Due to the winter weather advisory, this event has been cancelled. *****DDI will partner with the Black Faculty and Staff Organization (BFSO) host a karaoke night for black students to showcase their karaoke skills and Black culture performing to some of their favorite trap music. 


16:          Flexin’ in my Complexion Dress Up Day; Social Media Campaign 

Black/African-American students and Black/African-American faculty and staff are encouraged to wear attire representative of their African and African-American heritage that represents their fashion and culture through different decades on this day. DDI will posts their photos throughout the day on social media.  


17:         Wrightsville Schoolhouse Fire: Arkansas’s Dark Secret; WebEx; 3:30 p.m.

DDI will host a roundtable discussion on the forgotten history of the Wrightsville School Fire in which 69 young black boys were locked in the building when a fire mysteriously broke out at 4 a.m., burning 21 boys alive while the other 48 managed to fight their way to safety.


18:         *CANCELLED* Soul Food Night; Young Ballroom; 6-8 p.m. (On-Track*) 

DDI will host a soul food dinner as part of Black History Month. Participants will learn more about the African-American cuisine, its culture, and the history of “soul food.” Assessment surveys will be administered to students after the event.


23:          Black Card Revoked Game Night; Doc Bryan 242  6 p.m.; *SPACE IS LIMITED per COVID Guidelines. 20 students maximum.*

DDI, in conjunction with BFSO, will host ATU’s black students, faculty, and staff in a game night to play various games, but specifically the popular Black Card Revoked game that highlights the funny but very true nuances of Black culture from varying angles.


24:         Black History Month Speaker; 7 p.m.; Zoom 

DDI, in partnership with Residence Life, will host renowned activist Bree Newsome as this year's Black History Month keynote speaker. To register for this virtual event, click the folllowing link: https://bit.ly/3qv0sHM Click the following link to join the virtual keynote address: 




3:          Women’s Appreciation Month Kickoff; Hindsman Bell Tower (tentatively) or Social Media Campaign; 2:30 p.m. (*On-Track)

DDI would like to have a female administrator of the university to speak on the accomplishments and celebration of women. We will invite all female students, faculty, and staff who can to attend as well as any other persons of the ATU family who want to celebrate Women’s Month.


10:       Aint I a Woman?” Black Women Panel and Film (excerpts or a TedTalk); Brown 356; 4 p.m.

DDI will either host a film on black feminism or a TedTalk that highlights Black women’s issues, contributions, and initiatives that advocate for women and girls of color.           

16:        Women Belong in the House…and the Senate; Baz Tech 204; 3 p.m. (On-Track)*

In recognition of Women’s Month, DDI will facilitate a roundtable discussion mainly on women’s leadership in politics, and in other sectors of a working, corporate America. 

18:         Mid-Term Virtual Tabling

Underrepresented students are encouraged to visit with a member of the DDI staff following mid-terms. Resources for academic wellness will be provided. Referrals to other campus departments such as the APEX Center, the Department of Student Wellness, the Office of Financial Aid, etc. will be made.



8:           “Defined by Potential—Not Limitations.” Disability Success Stories and Resource Seminar; WebEx; 3 p.m. (*On-Track)

DDI will invite students, faculty, and staff to an empowerment meeting where they can share their stories about living with and achieving with disabilities, whether they be an apparent physical disability or non-apparent. DDI will invite a representative from the Office of University Testing and Disability Services, Special Olympics College, and faculty from the Rehabilitation Science program in the Department of Behavioral Sciences to share about the resources offered. Assessment surveys will be administered to students after the seminar. 

13:       Inclusive Engagement Workshop; Brown 134; 4 p.m. (*Masks are required*)

This interactive workshop will provide exposure of inclusivity and equity practices for students, faculty, and staff to utilize in everyday situations (unconscious bias, privilege, microagressions, cultural appropriation, social justice, restorative justice, equity vs. equality, and culturally competent terminology).


15:         Brave Space/Safe Space: A Talk about LGBTQIA Issues, Triumphs, Allies, and the Corporate Safe Zone; Doc Bryan 242; 3:30 p.m.   

DDI will invite all members of SPECTRUM and others who are interested to a roundtable discussion about issues affecting the LGBTQIA community, victories for the community, the significance of Safe Zone training in the workplace and educational institutions, and the role of the ally. Assessment surveys will be administered to students after the workshop.


20:         **CANCELLED** Diversity on Display; Young Ballroom (tentatively); 6-8 p.m.

DDI will host a talent night for the underrepresented student population to display their artistic abilities through any genre of art including, but not limited to, musical instruments, song, rap, dance, poetry/spoken word, and painting.


22:          **CANCELLED** Vision Board Night; Doc Bryan 242 (tentatively) or WebEx; 5-7 p.m.

DDI will invite underserved students to an evening of making their own individual vision boards to help put their futures into a better perspective.


26:        POC (People of Color) Career Services Forum: Jopwell 101; Doc Bryan 180 (tentatively) or WebEx; 3:30 p.m.

In partnership with Career Services, DDI will host an informational session on Jopwell and how to research diversity-forward companies and institutions for graduating students of color preparing for their careers.


27:       Tech Teas Special Edition; Zoom; 3 p.m. 

DDI will host monthly conversations that are diversity and social justice centered regarding current events and students’ experiences.