Pregnancy & Title IX

Arkansas Tech is committed to providing appropriate accommodations for pregnant students as part of their protection under Title IX. Below are resources for pregnant students and instructors working to accommodate them, as well as students returning to campus after giving birth.


Title IX accommodations prevent students from being excluded from educational programs or activities on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth and recovery, false pregnancy, or termination of pregnancy. We engage in an interactive process with students and instructors that begins with the student's application through the Disability Services portal. We then meet with the student to find out how the pregnancy is impacting them and their education, approve any appropriate accommodations for pregnancy-related conditions, and discuss potential maternity leave (also referred to as the protected period) arrangements. 

Approximately one month before the student's anticipated due date, the Title IX Deputy Coordinator will reach out to each of the student's instructors to gather information about the following:

  • how the course is taught
  • which assignments will be due during the protected leave
  • previous accommodations for temporary medical conditions in the course
  • resources or alternate methods of teaching the instructor has already developed and can make available

We will then contact the student to ensure that the proposed plans will meet their needs, facilitating any adjustments necessary between the student and faculty member. When the student notifies us that they have given birth, DS will verify documentation of the protected time period, add those dates to the plan for each course, and send a formal accommodation letter to each instructor.

Arkansas Tech has two lactation rooms availble to the campus community. One is located in Doc Bryan across form the Health and Wellness Center. This room has been furnished by the Division of Student Affairs. The other lactation room is Tomlinson Hall Room 013, located on the bottom floor of the building. This room was created by the ATU Staff Senate.

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