college student personnel

College Student Personnel

Method: Online or On Campus | Credit Hours: 36 | Credential: Master of Science

The College Student Personnel program is a two-year, practitioner-oriented curriculum, philosophically based in college student development and university administration. Using a student-centered approach, the faculty prepare first-line student and university professionals that primarily work with students outside of the academic classroom.

The CSP graduate program is committed to the growth and development of students by combining academic preparation, mentorship, and field experience in student affairs.  Since there is not an undergraduate degree in CSP, we have a very diverse student population with our students holding bachelor degrees in a variety of areas.

What Will I Learn In This Program

  • CSP students will be able to demonstrate mastery and application of foundational knowledge, theories, practice, and skills of the student affairs profession.  

  • CSP students will demonstrate the ethical professional behavior necessary for successful performance in the student affairs field. 
 Advising Graduate Certificate 

Students admitted into the CSP Master’s program can also “add on” the advising certificate to their CSP master’s degree and work toward earning the certificate simultaneously with the MS degree in CSP.  Students wanting both the master’s degree and the certificate at the same time will complete 39 hours in CSP graduate courses.  

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Contact Information

Dr. Alaric Williams
Interim Department Head College Student Personnel
Associate Professor of College Student Personnel
Crabaugh Hall 126
1310 N. El Paso Avenue
Russellville, AR 72801
Phone: (479) 880-4047