Advising Graduate Certificate



Method: Online | Credit Hours: 15 | Credential: Graduate Certificate

The 15-hour program includes coursework in College Student Personnel, specifically advising, that prepares individuals who are entering the field of collegiate advising in order to expand their knowledge.  Gearon (2016) states, “certificates can be good options for adults who want to continue their education without devoting the time and money it takes to complete a master’s degree.”

This program will also provide a benefit to experienced advisors who wish to enhance their knowledge or will give those with an interest in serving in an advising role the skills and competencies they need to be effective. The program will introduce students to advising in broad terms and will give them exposure to the main types of advising that is common in higher education institutions.

Curriculum (15 Hours)
  • CSP 6073 Counseling Theories & Helping Skills
  • *CSP 6083 or 6093 Practicum or 6283 Advising Practicum
  • CSP 6163 Academic Advising
  • CSP 6153 Advising Student Groups
  • CSP 6173 Career Advising

*=The practicum must include an advising component in the experience.  This advising component can be classified as academic, career, or student group advising.  The advising component must be listed in the practicum contract under the learning outcomes for the practicum experience. 

Application Process 

Option 1: Add Advising Certificate to CSP Master's Degree

Students admitted into the CSP Master’s program can also “add on” the advising certificate to their CSP master’s degree and work toward earning the certificate simultaneously with the MS degree in CSP.  Students wanting both the master’s degree and the certificate at the same time will complete 39 hours in CSP graduate courses.  Current students will submit a “Change to Major/Minor” form that is on the Registrar’s website, listing as their primary major:  College Student Personnel and their secondary major as Advising Certificate.  This form will be submitted to the CSP Department for review and processing.  In addition, students will need to submit a separate advising certificate candidacy form when they have completed at least 9 hours in the required courses to the CSP Department.

Registrar's Website

Option 2: Certificate Only

Students pursuing the advising graduate certificate and not the master’s degree in College Student Personnel must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university verified by an official transcript.  These students will need to submit an application for graduate admission with the graduate college and will select “Advising Certificate” as their intended major and pay the application fee.  Applicants must have an undergraduate, cumulative grade point average of 2.5, a 3.00 on the last 30 hours of undergraduate work, or hold a graduate degree from an accredited institution. Along with their application for admission to the graduate college, students must submit a resume and a writing sample that is reflective of quality writing, explaining their interest in pursuing the advising certificate and how they plan to use the certificate to meet their professional and/or personal goals.   Students will need to submit formal transcripts to verify their educational credentials to complete their application.

Apply to Graduate College

Admission Information

 Admission for the advising certificate will be rolling admission with new students being admitted every semester.  This certificate can be completed entirely online.  To earn the certificate, students cannot have more than 1 “C” grade in the required courses and must have a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 in the advising certificate curriculum by the time of graduation.  

Interesting Fact

This will be the first graduate certificate in advising that is being offered in the state of Arkansas.     


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