Practicum Information

  • Practicum Overview
    This link opens a web video which elucidates the practicum requirements for CSP students.

  • Practicum Site Host Guide
    A quick reference guide designed to give practicum site hosts an overview of the department's expectations.

  • Practicum Agreement (Contract)
    This contract should be completed by the practicum student and his/her site host prior to beginning work. Note: You will need to use Adobe Reader to open the document. If you are having issues opening the document or saving the typed contract, please try and use a different internet browser. Students report that Internet Explorer and Firefox seem to work the best.

  • Practicum Site Host Evaluation
    This evaluation form should be completed by the site host and submitted directly to the practicum instructor.

  • Practicum Journal Entry Form
    This journal entry form allows the practicum student to reflect on his/her work and keeps the practicum instructor informed of the student's progress.