Center for Learning & Leadership Degrees


Degree Programs

The Center for Leadership and Learning (CLL) is a graduate department within Arkansas Tech University's Graduate College. The CLL's offices and classrooms are housed in an off-campus location, the Center's main emphasis is the preparation of school leaders. The Center is unique in design by virtue of the four graduate degree programs which embrace the distributed leadership concept.

Distributed leadership is defined as a leadership perspective inclusive of the interactions between leaders, followers, and their situations over time (Spillane, 2006). Formal authority does not define leadership activities, but rather differences in expertise and the need for continuous learning to address challenges of a particular situation (Elmore, 2000).

Students are preferably admitted to the CLL degree programs in cohorts, where the same group of students advance sequentially through the selected degree program of study. However, individual graduate students may opt to be self-paced. The degree programs offered at the CLL include:

Master of Education:

Educational Specialist:

Doctor of Education: