Leadership Licensure Requirements and Steps





The Center for Leadership and Learning offers master level degrees that prepare candidates for leadership licensure in the following areas:


Link to ADE

Program Director


Master of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (MTLL)

Dr. Ellen Treadway


MTLL - Non-Traditional Licensure (MTLL-NTL)

Dr. Ellen Treadway


Educational Leadership (EDLD)

Dr. Bill Morelan


Education Specialist (Ed.S)

Dr. Steve Bounds


School Counseling and Leadership (COUN)

Dr. Pam Dixon


Please visit the Arkansas Department of Education Administrator Licensure page for complete information regarding the licensure process. Steps for Obtaining Licensure

Step 1

Determine if you are eligible for a license and what type. If you have any questions, contact your program advisor.

Step 2

Complete the appropriate form at the ADE web site, www.arkansased.gov. Be sure to attach all required documentation.

Step 3

Obtain the most recent copy of your transcript from the Arkansas Tech Registrar. Request that your transcript be sent to the Center for Leadership and Learning.

Step 4

When your application is complete and all documents are attached, send or bring your application to the Center for Leadership and Learning at 227 SR 333 S, Russellville, AR 72802. Your program director will review and sign the application if everything is in order.

Step 5

If everything is in order your program director will forward your application to the Licensure Officer for Administrative Licenses and NTL Licenses.

Step 6

The Licensure Officer for Administrative Licenses and NTL Licenses will seal your application in a university envelope and mail it to the ADE Licensure Office. You will receive an e-mail from the Center for Leadership and Learning indicating the date your licensure application was mailed.

Step 7

It is your responsibility to follow up with the ADE Licensure Office, if you do not receive your license in a timely manner.