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The multimedia journalism master program at Arkansas Tech University is primarily about the story. As a student within the program, you will learn and practice how to find, how to get and how to tell the story in ways that resonate in today’s digital environment. To prepare you for careers in the rapidly changing media landscape, the multimedia program provides diverse production courses in a sequence. In other words, students are required to take at least five production classes from a basic multimedia writing class to the most advanced production class across digital media platforms one after another.

Class size is typically less than 10 students and 50 percent or more of the courses each student takes are skills-based. Coursework for this degree is available 24/7. Online discussion and learning activities substitute for traditional face-to-face instruction and internet-based course software functions as a virtual classroom for students and instructors who can participate at any time, from anywhere.


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Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Multimedia Journalism program have followed a variety of careers. They are successful news reporters, editors, and producers; they work in advertising and public relations agencies; they are rising creative writers for social media; they work as communication specialists in diverse companies.

Graduation Requirements

The Multimedia Journalism Master’s program requires 27 credit hours (9 courses) plus 3 credit hours for Professional Portfolio project. In the project, students create multiple digital stories through multiple media platforms to reach different types of audiences. This project is not only a deciding factor in completing the program but also functions as a showcase of how capable you are as a story creator. To review the example of professional portfolio previous graduate created, click here.



Portfolio Showcase

Students create a journalistic portfolio where they develop and deliver multiple journalistic stories through multiple media platforms to reach different types of audiences. All students will participate in creating their own professional portfolio, which will be the deciding factor in completing the program. 

Picture of Quinten

Quinten Carroll

"The Multimedia Journalism graduate program at Arkansas Tech University is beneficial because it offers courses that are directly aligned with the growing media as well as how to navigate within this realm. I believe that the final portfolio project overall teaches us that we will have to be equipped in many different areas, considering the variety of stories, video packages and photos that must be obtained to succeed in this major. It teaches you to dig deep and not wide, researching the topic at hand and fully understanding every facet of a subject. I believe that what I have learned can be applied to my future career fields."

Carly Headshot

Carly Ashlock

"I obtained my Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism from Arkansas Tech University in December of 2021. During my time in the program and since, I have worked as a Digital Media Coordinator, a Digital Producer, and currently as an Account Executive at Saatchi & Saatchi X, an advertising agency. The skills I learned in the MMJ program made me a better employee in each of these roles. I continue to use the storytelling skill I honed in the Multimedia Journalism program at ATU to tell stories for the brands I work on today."

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Lina Elshrief

"Joining the Multimedia Journalism master’s program at Arkansas Tech University changed my life professionally and personally. I learned about journalism ethics, how to write news and research proposals, the best ways to shoot and edit videos, how to create a website with different multimedia assets and much more. As an international student who just arrived at a new country, finding supportive professors and colleagues gave me sense of safety and enhanced my self-confidence. What I really love about this program is the feeling of having one big family where everyone is willing to help and support you to reach your goal with peace of mind."


Megan Bell

"The Multimedia Journalism program changed my life.  My goal as a student was to bring more awareness about mental health to campus and this program gave me the resources and skills to learn how I can make an impact on something like mental health by creating quality content. The professors in this program not only want you to succeed but are eager to help students. I would have never learned how much of an impact I can make if it wasn’t for this program." 

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Dr. Sangki Lee
Graduate Director
Arkansas Tech University
CES 102, 1815 Coliseum Drive
Russellville, AR 72801