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What Is The Elementary Education Degree?

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is housed within the College of Education for teacher licensure in elementary schools.  The curriculum provides a foundation for teaching Kindergarten to 6th grade. Advanced work through courses, field experiences, and teaching internships are required within the program to meet teacher licensure expectations.

What Will I Learn In This Program?

What Courses Will I Take?

The Academic Advising Center has created maps that are term-by-term sample course schedules based on the current Undergraduate Catalog. On each Degree Map, the milestones listed to the right of each term are designed to keep students on track to graduate in four years.

Course Descriptions can be viewed in the Undergraduate Catalog 

What Resources Are Available To Me?


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Where Might I Find A Job After Graduating From This Program?

Positions within the Elementary Education field vary from school settings to childcare organizations to other related fields. While this program is primarily geared toward those who wish to teach at the K-6 school levels, opportunities may also exist within the realms of private tutoring or in teaching adults and/or children to apply what is learned in this program.

Where Can I Get More Information About The Elementary Education Degree?

For more information about the Elementary Education degree and requirements, see the program within the College of Education catalog.