Objectives with Definitions



OBJECTIVES for a Professional Development Partnership for Student Learning
  1. Create a partnership in which the cohort school engages simultaneously and jointly with Arkansas Tech University to produce stronger teachers for the present and the future.
  2. Establish an on-going, long-term, data driven and collaborative professional development structure to support the implementation of a standards-based curriculum and performance-based instruction and assessment in the school and in the Unit to ensure student achievement for all students.
  3. Improve the content knowledge, instructional skills, critical thinking and reflective decision making of inservice and preservice teachers.
  4. Increase student learning at the cohort school.
  5. Improve the overall quality of the teacher preparation program at Arkansas Tech University by maximizing unit support of the intern/clinical practice instructor relationship.



P: Our positive attitude toward the teaching profession is reflected in our ability to be prepared, prompt, patient, and our willingness to be polite to our colleagues, students, and parents.

R: Respectable teachers are- rational in dealing with students, parents and colleagues; reflective in dealing with self; resilient in the face of adversity; respectful in obtaining what is needed; respectful in all situations; and responsible in carrying out duties and upholding the trust placed in him/her.

O: Open-minded optimistic attitudes are a joy to observe especially when combined with organization.

F: A fair teacher is a facilitator to families and students. Although she possesses a friendly personality shes fearless in the face of challenges, yet capable of being faithful and forgiving to all.

E: Enthusiastic, energetic, empathetic, eager- Efficient and easy going individuals make an exceptional example of what it takes to excel.

S: Sharp student teachers should always show sincere and sympathetic attitudes.

S: Sharing is always fun when coworkers are serious about important issues, strong in their beliefs, yet practice enough self control to be soft spoken and supportive of others.

I: Innovative, intelligent, and intuitive educators inspire students and colleagues to investigate their industrious ideas.

O: Organizations that participate in on- time original practices can be a joy for the out-going obedient person.

N: Neat things happen for children when you are a nice, nurturing, neighboring negotiator.

A: Awesome achievers are available to appropriately assist others to become accountable for their actions.

L: Life-long learning liberates our minds and leads us to aim toward lasting goals.

The Cohort Precepts

If you are a flexible teacher and teach in small groups, students learning will improve.

Apply what you know, learn from your students, and keep an open mind to new ideas (full-circle).

The improvement of teaching and learning is dependent on active participation, feedback, and reflection as one learns and practices new techniques with appropriate resources, modeling and feedback.

Working together we can provide quality instruction by using better planning in order to serve as a quality model. Prepare, provide in-depth instruction, and foster learning! We learn by doing and reflecting about what we have done/learned. Preparation is the key to doing the best teaching.

Students will benefit greatly from a teacher modeling appropriate measures (classroom management), while having in depth, well-organized instruction time.

With more hands to help, time on task and hands-on participation will increase. With available materials, good ideas from others, and additional schooling, teaching and student learning will improve.

Preparation for each area to be taught with ideas gathered from many resources will result in more efficient use of time for both students and teachers.

Applying what we have learned from experience with what theyve learned that is fresh and new-to create a positive learning experience for our students.

By being a quality model and striving for continuous learning of self we shall provide hands-on instruction in smaller groups. We learn by doing and growing.

Teachers will strive to improve strategies of teaching and act as a mentor to help others. This will help students to achieve success and reach their highest potential.

Teaching and learning are enhanced when the learning occurs in a organized way, which is individualized and active.

Modeling learning practices of reading, writing, and listening and offer encouragement as learning in ongoing.

The most effective way to learn is to be actively engaged, focused, and open to coaching and feedback from others.

Allow students to work in cooperative groups which require organization and planning possibly by grade level. Students learn by having good models and activities that encourage them in learning.

Be patient when teaching with your students and co-workers. Help them learn by teaching them organizational skills and a willingness to help others.

Children excel in classrooms that are well-organized, accepting and encouraging in mediums such as music and kinesthetic learning.

By not spreading ourselves to thin as teachers, we and our classes would have more time for doing activities and for self evaluation.

Students of all ages work and learn best together, not as individuals. We like to hear what others have to offer and have someone on which to try out our own thinking and ideas.

Children learn in variety of ways and as teachers we must learn ways to reach all students, we must cooperate with each other.

The most effective way to teach is to model desired behavior.