Tech Talks

Thursday, May 9

Talks will be repeated at 9:45 and 11:00 am.

Non-Traditional Assessment Models: Examples from the Field
Dr. Rebecca Callaway, Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
Determining students’ level of mastering the learning materials is very critical in higher education. Unfortunately, most instructors resort to using assessments that look at a single learning outcome of students learning outcomes such as multiple-choice tests, summative assessment, and standardized measures. However, there are many other alternative assessments that may be appropriate for different courses’ objectives and goals. In this Tech Talk session, the presenters will share with other colleagues a few examples of non-traditional assessment techniques that incorporate a variety of measures into the evaluation process.

Not the Best College Teachers...Yet. Voices from the Class
Dr. Jeff Aulgur, Professional Studies, College of eTech
Dr. Gina Kraft, Health and Physical Education, College of Education
Dr. Bryan Rank, Agricultural Education, College of Engineering &
Applied Sciences
Dr. Jordan Thibodeaux, Behavioral Science, College of Arts & Humanities
Mr. Philippe Van Houtte, Associate Librarian, Library Systems
Ms. Susan West, Parks Recreation and Hospitality Administration, College of
Engineering & Applied Sciences
During a semester long CETL sponsored book club over Ken Bain’s What the Best College Teachers Do, we reflected on current practice and determined at least one thing to apply in the following semester. In this interactive session, come learn the things we have learned so far through this process.

Alternative Testing Methods
Dr. Shellie Hanna, Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
Assessment is a crucial part to teaching. Traditionally, at the university level, one of our most important assessments we consider is testing. If something is to be considered an assessment, its purpose should be to check what the student has learned. However, often the design of tests tends to measure whether the student is a good test taker or what the student DOESN’T know (rather than what they DO know). This presentation will provide an alternative method of testing students that allows students to demonstrate learning...but without the long essay type exams that are nearly impossible to grade at finals time.

Digital Content & Media Resources for Online/Hybrid Teaching
Ms. Sherry Tinerella, Public Services Librarian, Library Systems
This presentation highlights digital content available to students, faculty, & staff from the library’s resources as well as Open Educational Resources (OER). Demonstrations include embedding content and finding persistent links to specific library materials for use in Blackboard. Faculty developing online or hybrid courses will find this useful as well as those interested in flipping the classroom or looking for alternatives to expensive textbooks. These resources will be organized and published in a guide on the library’s website for easy access and will include helpful screenshots and information related to using digital and multimedia content.

Introducing the Online Research Commons @ ATU
Ms. Charity Park, Digital & Special Collections Librarian, Library Systems
This presentation will demonstrate the design, features, and capabilities of the Ross Pendergraft Library’s Online Research Commons (ORC). The ORC is the newly-launched institutional repository of scholarship, creative works, publications, and historical records of Arkansas Tech University. This initiative represents the Library’s commitment to the preservation, open access, and dissemination of faculty & student research at ATU. During the presentation, attendees will learn how to navigate the offerings of the institutional repository, as well as how to use the software to access faculty & student research from a network of over 500 colleges & universities.

Fantastic Streaming Videos and Where to Find Them
Ms. Angela Black, Technical Services Librarian, Library Systems
Traditional streaming video services via Netflix or Amazon provides the convenience of on-demand movies, but usually require personal accounts and/or one-time rental fees. However, some of the same films shown in classes around campus may also be available freely to all students via the Ross Pendergraft Library’s streaming film databases. These databases include streaming educational documentaries, instructional training, theater performances, and full-length feature films available for the entire campus, and in many cases, for public performance. This Tech Talk will describe some of these streaming video services and demonstrate how to create customized clips & playlists, how to embed video content into Blackboard, and how to search these collections’ quality, relevant content. This session is best for any faculty member tired of paying for their own classroom videos or looking for another approach than playing the same DVD every year.

Ed Tech at Tech: A Roundtable Discussion
Mr. Alex Manly, Technology Learning Resources Director, Office of Information Systems
This panel-led session will discuss instructional technology (hardware and software) inside and outside the classrooms. We will discuss what technologies have been or haven’t been working. We would also like to see what you would want in the future. Bring your questions, comments, thoughts and ideas as audience participation is required. Help shape the future of instructional technology at Arkansas Tech.

Strategies for Integrating Research in the Classroom
Dr. Jessica Young, Physical Science, College of Natural Sciences
Dr. Nate Chapman, Behavioral Science, College of Arts & Humanities
Dr. Gregory Michna, History and Political Science, College of Arts & Humanities
This panel will explore strategies to bridge the gap between research and teaching. Faculty will engage in open discussion about the difficulty of including students in research, as well as how to better integrate their research into their teaching. Panelists will also offer suggestions on how to encourage and facilitate student research. Techniques for mentoring student research and faculty/student collaborations will also be discussed.

Where on the ATU Campus are Carmen & Waldo? They’re earning degrees in Communication.
Dr. Virginia Jones, Communication & Journalism, College of Arts & Humanities
Dr. Alexis Johnson, Communication & Journalism, College of Arts & Humanities
Dr. Gabriel Adkins, Communication & Journalism, College of Arts & Humanities
When the Department of Speech, Theatre, and Journalism updated its name to the Department of Communication and Journalism, it created a bit of confusion and has generated some interesting questions. What exactly IS Communication? What happened to Speech?

iClicker: Mobile polling. And so much more.
Mr. Glen Garrett, Senior Technology Specialist, iClicker
Mr. Greg Patterson, Senior Publisher’s Representative, MacMillan Learning
iClicker Cloud uses mobile technology to improve student engagement. Developed by instructors for instructors, iClicker allows users to foster active learning while remaining simple and flexible. Students can use the REEF mobile app, iClicker remotes, tablets, or laptops. All in the same classroom.