CETL Seminar Series


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will be hosting a Seminar Series each month. This seminar series will be an opportunity for faculty to share information about strategies to increase learning, educational research results, new technologies, classroom management, etc. If you are interested in presenting, please send an abstract to cetl@atu.edu.


Monday, September 23 - 3:00-4:00 pm, RCB 436

"What is Orange and Filled with Great Information?" - Ms. Susan West, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Administration

I bet you would not have guessed the Best Teaching Institute (BTI) in New Jersey! Although in the shadow of a grand city, the ideas and technologies within the Institute were grand in their own right! The experience at BTI was as vibrant and full of light as the skyline of New York City. Just an hour away from a place where dreams are made, we shared our dreams as educators as well as our shortcomings. We shared our strategies and our struggles, and grew to new heights. Let me share with you things I learned about improving the classroom environment using online resources or good old fashion pen and paper. Together, we will explore techniques being used at campuses all across the US and Canada. Let us discover how putting educators together in a little place called Orange, New Jersey brought out the brightest and best that teaching has to offer.


Monday, October 21 - 3:00-4:00 pm, RCB 436

"Arkansas Governor's School" - Dr. Robin Lasey, Director, Arkansas Governor’s School, Dr. David Blanks, Professor of History, Dr. Jacob Grosskopf, Assistant Professor of Geology, Dr. Mary Sharpe, Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Jordan Thibodeaux, Assistant Professor of Psychology

 Arkansas Governor’s School is a four-week summer residential program for gifted and talented students who are upcoming high school seniors and residents of the state of Arkansas. It is a non-credit program that seeks to create a unique experience for a select group of Arkansas’ best students. ATU faculty who taught at AGS during the summer of 2019 will talk about their experience. They will address the rewards and challenges of teaching in a non-graded environment and if/how that translates for a more traditional college class. There will be faculty from all three areas (Area I – content, Area II – epistemology and critical thinking, and Area III – personal and social development) to describe specific activities from their class.


Monday, November 18 - 3:00-4:00 pm, RCB 436

"Faculty as Career Coaches" - Dr. Melanie Diffey, Career Counselor

With return-on-investment as a continued push for all sectors of higher education, it is imperative that educators embrace their role as career coaches and mentors to future professionals. Whether they have held positions in the field or have spent the majority of their careers in academia, the unique opportunity that faculty have to impact student career self-efficacy is limitless. Join us for a discussion of the latest trends in hiring practices, resumes, and desired skill sets along with some quick tips and take-home resources for engaging students in the “career conversation” at all points in their college career.