Faculty Online Training Invitation

We are pleased to be able to offer professional development online training opportunities for faculty through one-time federal funding.
Therefore, these opportunities have a May 2022 deadline for completion and expenditure of the funds.

These funds will help to:

1. Enhance the knowledge & skills of faculty in online learning technologies.

2. Increase the number and variety of faculty and courses that can pivot to online instructional modalities and operate robustly with a more resilient curriculum in the face of a global pandemic, natural disaster or other disruptions more mundane (short-term or long-term faculty absences, building renovations, etc.).

In the first case, faculty are invited to request funding for training by submission of an Advanced Online Training form.

In the second case, faculty are also invited to request extra compensation for work done to develop and/or convert courses with appropriate online best practice pedagogies to be delivered in these formats by submitting a Course Redesign Agreement form.

To be eligible to participate, faculty must have completed the mandatory online training that has been offered to date, that is the T2TOL course and one other which are described below:

Some examples of suggested opportunities include but are not limited to:

Opportunity                         Description                                                                             

ATU T2TOL                            Required faculty training (Blackboard basic boot-camp)                                            

ATU Online Quality Rubric   Intro to best practices & desired elements of online courses.               

ATU eTech Certification       Concentrates on applying best practices in course design to building a course with the right elements. 

QM Rubric Training              Quality Matters introduction to how to apply the QM rubric to courses for evaluation of best practices for online.

Other approved training.                         


Recommended for all faculty.

MAGNA        https://www.magnapubs.com/product/online-courses/developing-and-teaching-an-online-course-2/         
$299/ per participant (group rate, 10-19 $149/person, 20-39, $129/person) 


Some more advanced things if you have already been teaching online.

Courses associated with Quality Matters (QM)

QM Designing Your Online Course (DYOC), two weeks online asynchronous (8-10 hours per week).
https://www.qualitymatters.org/professional-development/workshops/higher-ed-dyoc   $165/$220 per participant

QM Improving Your Online Course (IYOC), two weeks online asynchronous (8-10 hours per week).
https://www.qualitymatters.org/professional-development/workshops/higher-ed-iyoc    $165/$220 per participant

QM Evaluating Your Course Design, 2 weeks asynchronous, 12 hours. $220/$330 per participant


EDUCAUSE Hyflex workshop Feb. 2022   $299 per participant