Spring 2021 Diversity Schedule


Thurs. Jan. 28 - I Wish I Knew - Community Members Panel Discussion, 7:00 pm
Members of the Arkansas Tech University community and residents of the surrounding area are invited to participate. Observe a panel discussion that will seek to identify distinctive aspects of various communities represented in the Arkansas River Valley, misconceptions about those communities and ways in which those communities are similar. Scheduled panelists are Rita Richardson, pastor of Central Christian Church; Yasu Onodera, ATU associate dean for international and multicultural student services; Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, representative of the Islamic Center of Russellville; Dr. Robert Stevens, representative of the LGBTQ+ community and faculty advisor for SPECTRUM; and Justice Annabelle Tuck, representative of Congregation B’nai Israel.
Webex Link: http://bit.ly/atucetlpanel


February - Black History Month - Additional Resources

See the Department of Diversity & Inclusion page for more Black History Month Events: https://www.atu.edu/diversity/

Thurs. Feb. 4 - Movie Discussion, 4:00 pm
Watch the movie Moonlight (111 min) (2016), https://atu.kanopy.com/video/moonlight on your own and then join us for a discussion led by faculty members. The movie is a look at three defining chapters in the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. His epic journey to manhood is guided by the kindness, support and love of the community that helps raise him.

Thurs. Feb. 11 - Community History Discussion, 4:00 pm
Learn about the history of our town. Take a self-guided tour of some of the Black historical sites of Russellville, and then join Charity Park and local community members in a discussion about the local history surrounding these sites.
Download the driving tour (PDF) or take a virtual tour at (https://uploads.knightlab.com/storymapjs/9d55b3f4bd9e087b75b9558c78b9d270/black-history-tour-of-russellville-arkansas/index.html).
Discussion link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m9edabfe7f4ed68025403126f9c3338d6

Wed, Feb. 17 - Wrightsville Schoolhouse Fire: Arkansas’s Dark Secret, 3:30 p.m. (Department of Diversity & Inclusion Program)
DDI will host a roundtable discussion on the forgotten history of the Wrightsville School Fire in which 69 young black boys were locked in the building when a fire mysteriously broke out at 4 a.m., burning 21 boys alive while the other 48 managed to fight their way to safety.

Thurs. Feb. 25 - Podcast Discussion: Code Switch, 4:00 pm
Listen on your own to conversations about race in history and popular color, hosted by journalists of color on the Code Switch podcast, https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510312/codeswitch, and then join us for a discussion led by faculty members.
Discussion link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=ma57628a413ad5573f306aa28477d08d7


March - Women's History Month - Additional Resources

Thurs. Mar. 4 - Gretchen Hall, President and CEO Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau, 4:00 pm
As the official destination marketing organization for the City of Little Rock, the LRCVB also manages public meeting facilities including the Statehouse Convention Center, Robinson Center, Ottenheimer Hall, First Security Amphitheater, and five downtown public parking facilities. In 2016, Gretchen was awarded Top of the Rock by the Downtown Little Rock Partnership; an annual award given to an organization, business or individual that has demonstrated extraordinary advancement for downtown Little Rock. In 2017, she was honored as Smart Meetings magazine’s Smart Women in the “Doers” category as well as receiving the Arkansas Diamond Award from PRSA – Arkansas Chapter and given the Distinguished Alumna Award by Lyon College. Most recently she was named the Arkansas Tourism Person of the Year at the 2019 Governor’s Conference, and received the 2020 Governor’s Arts Community Development Award. She is also a published author, as the co-author of 100 Things to do in Little Rock Before You Die – 2nd Edition.
WebEx Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m7fea741702b007e8a55783ba3f874762

Thurs. Mar. 11 - Teaching Evaluations: Race and Gender Matter, panel discussion with Dr. Tennille Lasker-Scott, Assistant Professor of Professional Studies and Dr. Jeremy Schwehm, Associate Professor of Professional Studies, 4:00 pm
The event examines how faculty’s race and gender impact how their students perceive and evaluate their experiences in the classroom, and ultimately how they evaluate their professors. The panel will introduce leading research on the topic and engage in conversation with attendees.
WebEx Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=maf53f5b66bfb9b1d9be8ccabbc227a5c

Thurs. Mar. 18 - Movie Discussion, 4:00 pm
Watch the movie 20 Feet from Stardom (91 min) (2013), http://www.documentarymania.com/player.php?title=Twenty+Feet+from+Stardom on your own and then join us for a discussion led by Holly Ruth Gale, Associate Professor of Music, Susan West, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Administration, Dr. Erin Clair, Associate Professor of English, and Dr. Julie Mikles-Schluterman, Professor of Sociology. "Millions know their voices, but no one knows their names. In his compelling film, award-winning director Morgan Neville shines a spotlight on the untold true story of the backup singers behind some of the greatest musical legends of the 21st century." (documentarymania.com)
WebEx Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m7c3354b87eff3f43720a79845865218d

Mon. Mar. 29 - Podcast Discussion, 4:00 pm
Listen on your own to one of the following podcasts and then join us for a discussion led by Susan West, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Administration, Dr. Erin Clair, Associate Professor of English, and Dr. Julie Mikles-Schluterman, Professor of Sociology. Bring your thoughts, questions, and objections! Join us for a relaxed informal discussion of one or more of these podcasts.
WebEx Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m668e883f70e0a79878557ac1d857a8cd

  • The History Chicks http://thehistorychicks.com/Covers real and fictional women and the contributions they've made to women's history in general. According to the site's description, "You want to know how the women are remembered, how their legacies live on and how you can learn more. We can do that!" From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel, you get to learn about all the ways they have helped shape society.
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stuff-mom-never-told-you/id304531053gives you the opportunity to learn about feminism and women's history twice a week. The show discusses "what it is to identify as female through research-based discussion around feminism and how it impacts everyday life." You'll hear about women like NASA's hidden computer women and Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Muta Maathai.
  • Herstory on the Rocks https://www.return2senderpodcast.com/sets up a conversation about women in history the same way that two girlfriends would discuss anything over a chilled drink. The discussions are fun and easy-going but super informative. From talks about the Queen of Sheeba and Sojourner Truth to having young girls discuss the impact Disney princesses had on their lives, it's bound to give you a well-rounded take.
  • The Profess-Hers Podcast https://professhers.podbean.com/ features women you may not have necessarily heard of, but have made many contributions to gender equality. From local politicians who have paved the way for others, like Texas Gov. Ann Richards, to the history of witches, it covers a variety of women from different backgrounds.
  • Notorious Woman https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/notorious-women/id1295194151Describes itself as "a comedy podcast about history's most notorious women." The hosts will take you back in time to learn about people like Norma McCorvey (the Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade), and sometimes even weave in current topics like coronavirus or commentary on the Oscar-winning film 


April - LGBTQ+ Awareness - Additional Resources

Thurs. Apr. 1 - LGBTQ+ in the Classroom - Discussion, 4:00 pm
In this session, facilitated by ATU faculty colleagues, faculty will discuss the following articles and video, which are read and viewed prior to the session. Faculty will discuss ways that the articles and information in the video can create a more equitable and inclusive classroom environment.
Webex Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=mde6f992428ee62371ca5ed802ab4800c

Thurs. Apr. 8 - Improving Trans Inclusivity on Campus, Ryan Sallans, 4:00 pm
Improving Trans Inclusivity on Campus is a presentation designed to help professional staff in developing action steps and plans on creating a campus climate that is open, accepting and accommodating toward trans‐identified students. Ryan will cover current barriers on campus that impact trans‐identified students. By pinpointing these barriers, a campus can begin to establish steps toward creating a welcoming environment.
Webex Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/onstage/g.php?MTID=edda080a2ba19e6d41bcebee1b88d0910

Sat. Apr. 10 - National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Thurs. Apr. 15 - Movie Discussion, 4:00 pm
In this session, facilitated by ATU faculty colleagues, faculty will watch one or both of the following documentaries prior to the session. Participants will discuss the documentaries, which are viewed prior to the session. Faculty will discuss how the documentaries can help increase knowledge of: past, current, and emerging issues; relevant terminology; effective communication; complex social identities; equity in classrooms and other campus communities.
Webex Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m92b814a0232a600c6b637ca90b098fff

Thurs. Apr. 22 - Student Panel Discussion, 4:00 pm
This educational panel is an opportunity for faculty to hear LGBTQ+ students speak from their experience and answer questions, to further understanding and dialogue. It is a safe space for the participants to ask questions, engage with, and exchange ideas with student panelists. Discussion of LGBTQ diversity are enriching experiences for both 7 panelists and the audience. Questions directed to the panel should be respectful and geared toward building a better understanding for all involved.
Webex Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m79ddc8099188273250314bd498e53c0f

Fri. Apr. 23 - Day of Silence - Every April on the Day of Silence, people in schools across the country engage in silent protest to call attention to the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ people. The Day of Silence website has resources for educators - https://www.glsen.org/activity/day-silence-educator-guide.


Additional Resources:

Black History





Women's History