Diversity & Inclusion in the Classroom

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Spring 2022 Schedule



Tues. Jan. 25 - Students and Freedom of Expression on Campus, 1:00 pm, online webinar hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education
Today’s students are challenging free-speech norms and are more likely than older generations to support restrictions that limit offensive speech. What’s more, the rise of social media, new sexual-harassment policies, and demands for more racial diversity and inclusiveness have sometimes complicated free expression on campus. In this environment, how can colleges promote open inquiry and discussion while balancing changing attitudes? Join us for a virtual forum that brings together Michael S. Roth, the president of Wesleyan University, and other experts to share their perspectives: How is free expression evolving on college campuses? How do college leaders respond to claims that their institutions have become unwelcoming places for certain views? How can colleges mitigate potential conflicts when they do arise? Click on the title of the webinar above to register for the webinar.

Tues. Jan. 25 - Inclusive Engagement Workshop, 3:00 pm, RCB 134
DDI/CSS will facilitate an interactive workshop that helps attendees understand the intricate constructs of identity, power, privilege, and race as well as how we can navigate each to foster a more inclusive world and campus through competency, advocacy, and the creation of more safe and welcoming spaces.

Thurs. Jan. 27 - What are Microaggressions and What Can I Do About Them?, 3:30 pm, RCB 148
This seminar offers an understanding of microaggressions in the classroom, strategies to take when they occur, and suggestions on how to create a classroom climate that limits them. We will watch the video of this Magna Commons seminar and then have a discussion about how we can implement this in our own classroom.


February - Black History Month
See the Department of Diversity & Inclusion page for more Black History Month Events: https://www.atu.edu/diversity/
Additional Resources below

Tues. Feb. 1 - Black History Month Kickoff, 2:00 pm, Hindsman Bell Tower
DDI invites the entire campus to the opening event celebrating the start of Black History Month. Participants will learn about the beginnings of Black History Month and what to expect on campus throughout the month of February.

Thurs. Feb. 3 - Sankofa: how we got here, what was lost and how to reclaim our roots, 3:30 pm, RTH 217
DDI will host a discussion regarding the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, what descendants of Africa were stripped of, and how we can reclaim what our ancestors lost during slavery and post slavery.

Tues. Feb. 8 - First to defy; First to die - How a black man became the first person to die for America, 3:00 pm, DB 242
DDI will show excerpts of the life of Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave who became a free black man and business owner (sailor). These videos will show how Attucks resisted the British in what is now known as the Boston Massacre and was the first to be shot, shed blood, and die, making him the first casualty of the American Revolution.

Tues. Feb. 15 - Henrietta Lacks - her untold story and its link to medical mistrust in black communities, 4:00 pm, RCB 147
DDI will show videos about the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks—a black woman whose seemingly immortal cancer cells were used to develop the polio vaccine, develop in vitro fertilization, further cancer research, understand other viruses such as HIV and even covid 19, but she was never made aware of this before dying and her family found out only recently and still have not been compensated.

Wed. Feb. 16 - Teach Us All documentary discussion, 4:00 pm, on WebEx
On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the 1957 Little Rock school desegregation crisis, educational inequality remains among the most urgent civil rights issues of our time. With its school district hanging in the balance following a state takeover in January 2015, Little Rock today presents a microcosm of the inequities and challenges manifesting in classrooms all across America. Through case studies in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles, Teach Us All seeks to bring the critical lessons of history to bear on the current state of U.S. education and investigate: 60 years later, how far have we come-or not come-and how do we catalyze action from here?
Watch the documentary on your own through Kanopy (https://atu.kanopy.com/video/teach-us-all), then join your colleagues for a discussion of the film.
WebEx Link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=mb6a8472f753d4c3286ab1c8c2fed2e6b

Thurs. Feb. 17 - Sarah Rector - the richest colored girl in the world, 3:00 pm, DB 180
DDI will host a roundtable and show a video about the life of Sarah Rector, a young child descended from an enslaved family who became an oil giant in America at the age of 11.

Tues. Feb. 22 - Ebony Embers, 7:00 pm, BazTech Fireplace
DDI will host fireside chat with Black/African-American students in partnership with AASA about the defining moments of Black culture, advocating for antiracism, the current state of Blackness and how its culture influences the world, reparations, and where we go from here.

Wed. Feb. 23 - Black Card Revoked/Spades Game Night, 6:00 pm, DB 242
DDI, in conjunction with BFSO, will host ATU’s black students, faculty, and staff in a game night to play spades as well as the popular Black Card Revoked game that highlights the funny but very true nuances of Black culture from varying angles.

Thurs. Feb. 24 - Black History Month Movie Night, 6:00 pm, Young Ballroom
DDI will host a movie night and show a film based on the Black culture or Black history.


March - Women's Appreciation Month
Additional Resources below

Tues. Mar. 1 - Women's Appreciation Month Kickoff, 2:30 pm, Hindsman Bell Tower
DDI would like to have a female administrator of the university to speak on the accomplishments and celebration of women. We will invite all female students, faculty, and staff who can to attend as well as any other persons of the ATU family who want to celebrate Women’s Month.

Thurs. Mar. 10 - Diversity in the Arts panel discussion, 4:00 pm, WebEx
WebEx link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m2ebc59721e5ae49fffd0b144f945ae2f

Wed. Mar. 16 - Picture a Scientist documentary discussion, 4:00 pm, WebEx
Picture a Scientist chronicles the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists. Biologist Nancy Hopkins, chemist Raychelle burks, and geologist Jane Willenbring lead viewers on a journey deep into their own experiences in the sciences, ranging from brutal harassment to years of subtle slights. Along the way, from cramped laboratories to spectacular field stations, we encounter scientific luminaries - including social scientists, neuroscientists, and psychologists - who provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open to all. Available through Netflix or through AVON (https://libcatalog.atu.edu:443/login?url=https://video.alexanderstreet.com/watch/picture-a-scientist?account_id=8364&usage_group_id=111500)
Watch the documentary on your own and then join for colleagues for a discussion of the film.
WebEx link: https://atu.webex.com/atu/j.php?MTID=m7e570072c56368ec7b5e04a9eb017fc9



Thurs. Apr. 7 - "Defined by Potential - Not Limitations" Disability Success Stories and Resource Seminar, 3:00 pm, BazTech
DDI will invite students, faculty, and staff to an empowerment meeting where they can share their stories about living with and achieving with disabilities, whether they be an apparent physical disability or non-apparent. DDI will invite a representative from the Office of University Testing and Disability Services, Special Olympics College, and faculty from the Rehabilitation Science program in the Department of Behavioral Sciences to share about the resources offered. Assessment surveys will be administered to students after the seminar.

Thurs. Apr. 7 - History of Jack Daniels, 4:00 pm, Location TBD
Presented by Ms. Susan West, Associate Professor of Parks, Recreation, and Hospitality Administration

Tues. Apr. 12 - Inclusive Engagement Workshop, 3:00 pm, RCB 446
This interactive workshop will provide exposure of inclusivity and equity practices for students, faculty, and staff to utilize in everyday situations (unconscious bias, privilege, microagressions, cultural appropriation, social justice, restorative justice, equity vs. equality, and culturally competent terminology).

Thurs. Apr. 14 - How Can I Build an Antiracist Syllabus, 12:00 pm, Location TBD
Becoming an antiracist educator requires using a suite of interventions that provide an ongoing counternarrative to the minoritizing structures in higher education. For most persons, this is an on-going learning process that brings joy and satisfaction. Antiracist syllabi embed evidence-based practices to provide an on-going daily counternarrative to the barriers to the success of minoritized students. This 20-Minute Mentor provides educators the tools to expand their own antiracist practices and better enable success of minoritized students.
We will watch the 20-Minute Mentor program and have a group discussion about the information in the presentation.

Tues. Apr. 19 - Brave Space/Safe Space: A Talk about LGBTQOA Issues, Triumphs, Allies, and the Corporate Safe Zone, 3:30 pm, DB 242
DDI will invite all members of SPECTRUM and others who are interested to a roundtable discussion about issues affecting the LGBTQIA community, victories for the community, the significance of Safe Zone training in the workplace and educational institutions, and the role of the ally. Assessment surveys will be administered to students after the workshop.

Wed. Apr. 20 - Safe Zone Training, 4:00-6:30 pm, DB 242
DDI will faciliatate a competency training designed to educate attendees on how to effectively support and respect LGBTQ persons as well as prepare those who are interested for becoming allies. 



Schedules from previous years:

Fall 2021

Spring 2021



Black History Month

A Walk in my Shoes: First Generation College Students documentary from K-State College of Education

Jane Elliott Speaks: Education in America, Race, White Privilege & More

A Class Divided Frontline


Women's Appreciation Month

Student Voices: A Discussion of Gender Equity in STEM Education webinar from Wiley

Women in Motion: Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek and the Remaking of NASA available on Kanopy (https://atu.kanopy.com/video/woman-motion) or Amazon Prime video and iTunes