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College of Education Professional Development Fund Application PDF


Funding Eligibility Criteria for Fall 2022 – Spring 2023
Faculty Development Grant requests are expected to be consistent with ATU’s mission and have a reasonable correlation to institutional goals, priorities, and constituencies. Funding is provided with the expectation that the developmental activity will increase the faculty members’ knowledge and/or expertise as it relates to faculty responsibilities and plan for professional growth.

Eligible Funding Items Items eligible for funding include:

  • professional conferences for the purpose of staying current and/or leadership in a content area;
  • professional conferences for the purpose of making a presentation or serving in a significant official capacity;
  • professional development for specific knowledge and/or skill acquisition, including webinars and virtual conferences;
  • professional organization memberships, consumable materials, and technology.

Faculty Eligibility and Funding
All full-time CEH faculty members, including visiting instructors, are eligible for funding. A maximum of $120 has been allocated to each faculty member.

Procedures for Submitting a Request
Requests for funding should be submitted via email to Sylvia Cooper (scooper@atu.edu). Requests should include the Faculty Development Grant Request form and supporting documentation. Please attach a completed Academic Affairs Travel Request form (https://www.atu.edu/academics/docs/academicaffairstravelrequest09.08.22.pdf) with your department head’s signature if you are traveling out-of-state. Once your request has been approved, Sylvia Cooper will submit a budget transfer request to transfer the funds to the appropriate departmental budget for use.

For webinars and in-state travel, requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of expenditure. For out-of-state travel, requests must be submitted at least one month in advance of expenditure. Under no circumstances will after-the-fact requests be honored. All allocated individual faculty development funds must be requested by February 1, 2023 and spent by June 30, 2023. All funds not requested by February 1, 2023, will be forfeited and pooled to create a competitive award process.

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 Committee Members
Dr. Dana Tribble, Co-Chair, Emergency Management, Professional Studies, & Student Affairs Administration
Dr. Ellen Treadway, Co-Chair, Teaching & Educational Leadership
Dr. Robert Stevens, Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science
Dr. Chantell Corkern, Nursing

For questions about travel and reimbursement procedures and supporting documentation, please Sylvia Cooper at scooper@atu.edu.