Automation Technology

Automation Technology provides for a study of components, circuits, instruments and control techniques used with industrial automated systems. Students will develop skill sets which enable the integration of: electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer controls.

The focus of study is on two main areas, one is control techniques for industrial components, such as electric motors, variable-speed drives, programmable logic controllers, servomechanisms and sensors. The computer system area of concentration will allow the student to have an understanding of how to repair, upgrade, or network a complete computer system, both hardware and software.

The intent of this program is to prepare the student to deal with a broad concept of automation technology. The diverse educational training provides for a host of integrated skills that can be applied in a variety of job contexts to include: green energy technology, electronics, medical, manufacturing, and production.

The Technical Certificate in Industrial Electronic Technology is designed to enhance the technical skills and job-related knowledge of individuals who are currently employed in the industrial field as well as other persons seeking careers in Industrial Systems. The majority of the technical courses are offered on a flexible schedule on campus, at off-site industrial locations and on the web. Courses taken for the certificate may be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Industrial Systems.

High school students may begin the Automation Technology program by taking classes concurrently with their regular studies and earn credit toward a certificate of proficiency which will apply to the technical certificate and associate of applied science degree.