Machinist Operations

Certificate of Proficiency

(17 Semester Credit Hours)

The Certificate of Proficiency in Machinist Operations is a course of study that prepares students for entry-level employment in the industrial maintenance, manufacturing operations, or engineering related field. The courses within the certificate of proficiency can lead to a new career or simply enhance a person's skill set to make him/her more productive and marketable.

Course # Course Name Hours
ICS 2513 Blueprint Reading, Precision Measurements, and Safety 3
ICS 2523 Machining Technology 3
ICS 2514 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling
(Prerequisites:  ICS 2513 and ICS 2523)
ICS 2524 Computer Numerical (CNC) Turning
(Prerequisites: ICS 2513 and ICS 2523)
3 Hours Approved Welding Elective 3
Total Hours   17

To receive a Certificate of Proficiency, application must be made to the Office of Student Services. Students must be currently enrolled to request a Certificate of Proficiency be awarded.