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Certificate of Proficiency in Professional Leadership

The certificate of proficiency in Professional Leadership offers a 15-hour stand-alone solution for individuals currently employed in professional, corporate, management, industrial, and nonprofit positions but whose formal academic background may not have emphasized this skillset. The certificate also offers an opportunity for individuals who have earned some college credit but who have not received a baccalaureate degree to enhance his or her leadership abilities. For these potential students, the certificate of proficiency in Professional Leadership would serve as a gateway to the Bachelor of Professional Studies degree or the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Finally, a certificate of proficiency in Professional Leadership provides current students with an opportunity to enhance their employability before graduation, regardless of the field of study.  

OL 3023 Professional Communications/PS 3023 Professional Communications
OL 3133 Principles of Personnel Management/PS 3133 Principles of Personnel Management
OL 4343 Community Development/PS 4343 Community Development  OR  OL 4643 Organizational Globalization and Diversity/PS 4643 Organizational Globalization and Diversity
OL 4443 Professional Leadership/PS 4443 Professional Leadership
OL 4543 Workplace Supervision/PS 4543 Workplace Supervision