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AAS in Parademic/Emergency Medical Services to BS in Emergency Management Program

 Associate of Applied Science Requirements (60 hours):
Other General Education Requirements (15 hours):
EAM Core (36 hours)
Students must make a "C" or better in all required courses and practical applications.

Required EAM Courses Include:

2EAM Electives (9 hours)


1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions "General Education Requirements".
29 hours of EAM electives from the following: EAM 3033 The Social Dimension of Disaster, EAM 3123 Public Information Skills for Emergency Managers, EAM 3143 The Economics of Disaster , EAM 3243 Terrorism and Counterterrorism , EAM 4043 Disaster and Emergency Management Ethics, EAM 4053 Community Management of Hazardous Materials  EAM 4063 Leadership, EAM 4083 Legal Issues in Emergency Management, EAM 4991 Special Problems, EAM 4992, or EAM 4993.