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Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business - Agriculture Business

The Agriculture Business program provides a balanced educational program with relatively broad interdisciplinary training as opposed to narrow specialization, thus preparing the student for success in their chosen field. The program in Agriculture Business integrates the discipline of agriculture, business, accounting, economics and finance. Emphasis is placed on management directed towards the farm business and Agriculture Business firms. Trends in careers related to agriculture are shifting from production to ag-business services such as management, processing, distribution and marketing. This creates a need for recruits with a broad background in these areas of training. Our systems concept is geared to integration of disciplines to better prepare graduates for present day needs.


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

Fall Credits
FAH 1XXX Fine Arts and Humanities Courses 1 3
AGBU 3213 Career Development in Agriculture  3
 AGBU 3233 International Agricultural Trade 3
Agriculture Elective 2  3
Elective 3  3
Total Hours 15
Spring Credits
AGBU 4013 Agricultural Marketing  3
AGBU 4063 Agricultural Investments 3
Agriculture Elective 2  6
Elective 3 2
Total Hours 14

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements".
2At least 40 of the total hours required for graduation must be 3000 - 4000 level courses.
3Recommended electives are SPAN 1013 Beginning Spanish I  and SPAN 1023 Beginning Spanish II .