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About Banking Services

The Banking Services program of study is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level jobs at banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, and other financial institutions.  Course work is designed to provide the banking industry with skilled employees who possess strong communication, math, critical thinking, computer skills and knowledge of banking processes and regulations. 

A career in banking opens doors of possibility, and provides the banking professional many opportunities to use their skills in meaningful ways. Within banking operations, there is a place for all personality types to fill positions where you may work with the public all or part of the time, or you can work behind the scenes. Banking services involves direct work with the public through teller operations, loan officers and branch managers. For professionals looking to work behind the scenes, there are positions where you can work indirectly with the public in positions where you are helping troubleshoot and solve problems with customer service, solving online banking issues, or researching ATM and Fraud disputes. For those who like to work in a non-public facing post, there are positions where you can work in areas such as data entry or loan documentation review and maintenance.  Our Banking Service program provides students the skills necessary to succeed in all areas of banking.

High school students may begin the Banking Services program by taking classes concurrently with their regular studies and earn college credit toward a certificate of proficiency which will apply to the technical certificate and associate of applied science degree.

Associate Degrees

Technical Certificates

Certificate of Proficiency