Sociology Course Descriptions

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SOC 1003: Introductory Sociology

ACTS Common Course - SOCI 1013

An introduction to the nature of society, social groups, processes of interaction, social change, and the relationship of behavior to culture.

SOC 2003: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Cross-listed: CJ 2003

An overview of the criminal justice system and the workings of each component. Topics include the history, structure and functions of law enforcement, judicial and correctional organizations, their interrelationship and effectiveness, and the future trends in each.

SOC 2023: Sociology of the Ozark-Ouachita Region

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

An introduction to the nature of society, social groups, social interaction, social change, and the relationship of behavior to culture in the Ozark-Ouachita region. The full range of sociological topics are covered, including crime and delinquency, marriage and family, social class and race, religion, and contemporary social movements.

SOC 2033: Social Problems

ACTS Common Course - SOCI 2013

Cross-listed: CJ 2033

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

A sociological analysis of contemporary social problems including inequalities, deviance, population changes, and troubled institutions.

SOC 2043: Crime and Delinquency

Cross-listed: CJ 2043

Prerequisite: SOC 1003 or SOC(CJ) 2003

A study of the major areas of crime and delinquency; with emphasis on theories of crime and the nature of criminal behavior.

SOC 2053: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Cross-listed: PSY 2053

Prerequisites: MATH 1003, or higher, and PSY 2003 or SOC 1003, or consent.

An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistical methods pertinent to behavioral science research, including correlation, sampling distributions, t-tests, chi square and analysis of variance. Emphasis is upon the logical and applied aspects.

SOC 2063: Research Design for the Behavioral Sciences

Cross-listed: PSY 2063

Prerequisite: SOC 1003 or PSY 2003.

This course is designed to introduce you to the foundations of behavioral science, the logic of research design and the many possible modes of operation. This class focuses on teaching students in the behavioral sciences the basic principles that guide the research process, the elements of research design, how to read and critique research articles, and how to write a literature review for a research project.

SOC 2073: Classical Theories of Sociology

A study of the historical development of social thought.

Note: May not be taken for credit after completion of SOC 4023, PHIL 4053, or equivalent.

SOC 2083: Contemporary Theories of Sociology

A survey course of sociological theories and theory development from the classical period to post-modernism.

SOC 3013: Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying

Cross-listed: PSY 3013

Prerequisite: Upper division standing.

This course studies the psychological and sociological aspects of death. The course will provide a basic insight into the dynamics surrounding death from the individual and societal level, its impact on survivors, and the effect death has on the living.

SOC 3023: The Family

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

A study of the American family institution with emphasis upon role relationships, norms, and models. Some attention is given to cross cultural comparisons.

SOC 3033: Environment and Society

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

This course focuses on the study of interrelationships between society and the natural environment from traditional to postindustrial forms. Topics in this class will include economic approaches to the natural environment, philosophical/ethical approaches to the natural environment, public opinion on the natural environment, the importance of the environmental movement and policy development on environmental issues.

SOC 3063: Communities

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

An exploration and analysis of the sociological concept of community from classical approaches to recent debates.

SOC 3083: Social Deviance

Cross-listed: CJ 3083

Prerequisite: SOC 1003 or SOC (CJ) 2003

An introduction to the sociological and criminological study of human deviance. Various theories of deviance will be examined and applied to real life examples.

SOC 3093: Sociology of Education

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

A study of education as a social system, its organizational characteristics, and it's inter relationships with other social systems such as the family, religion, economics, government, and politics.

SOC 3103: The Juvenile Justice System

Cross-listed: CJ 3103

Prerequisite: SOC(CJ) 2003

An in-depth look at the juvenile justice system including the structure, statuses and roles as well as current issues, problems, and trends.

SOC 3113: Social Movements and Social Change

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

An examination of past and current social movements and their effects on social policy and social change. Topics will include classical and contemporary theories of social movements and social change.

SOC 3133: Self and Society

Cross-listed: PSY 3133

Prerequisite: SOC 1003 or PSY 2003

A sociological survey of the ways in which social structure and personality interact. Topics typically covered are: socialization, attitudes and value formation and change, and group influences upon self-concept and self-esteem.

SOC 3153: Prison and Corrections

Cross-listed: CJ 3153

Prerequisites: SOC 1003 and SOC (CJ) 2033

An introduction to and analysis of contemporary American corrections. Emphasis will be on current and past correctional philosophy, traditional and modern correctional facilities, correctional personnel and offenders, new approaches in corrections, and the relationship of corrections to the criminal justice field.

SOC 3163: Introduction to Social Research

Prerequisites: SOC 1003 and SOC (PSY) 2053

An introduction to research methodology, with emphasis upon conceptualization, design, and processes.

SOC 4003: Minority Relations

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

A study of minority groups with emphasis upon discrimination, socio historical characteristics and processes of change. Minorities considered include racial, ethnic, and gender.

SOC 4013: Drugs in Society

Cross-listed: CJ 4013

Prerequisite: SOC 1003 or CJ 2003

This course presents a comprehensive study of the history and prohibition of drug use in the United States, as well as the effects of drugs on society in the form of crime, prison and treatment. The main focus of this class is on the history of drug use, how certain drugs become illegal, and the intended and unintended consequences of drug prohibition for communities and society.

SOC 4023: Sociology of Gender

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

This course addresses definitions of gender, gendered identities, how gender is created and maintained as a social construct, and the importance of gender in our daily lives. This class mainly focuses on the theoretical and empirical literature that encourages critical thinking about gender and challenges students to move beyond their preconceived notions/assumptions about gender.

SOC 4033: Policing and Society

Cross-listed: CJ 4033

Prerequisites: SOC 1003 and CJ/SOC 2003

A comprehensive study of historical and contemporary issues in American policing. Topics include theories of policing, police training and socialization, police discretion, technological advancements in policing, community policing, interaction with minority communities, and current controversies.

SOC 4043: Social Psychology

Cross-listed: PSY 4043

Prerequisite: Upper division standing or permission.

The study of how individuals are influenced by the actual or implied presence of other persons. Emphasis is placed on attitudes, social cognition, social influence, aggression, altruism, self and other perception.

SOC 4053: Sociology of Health and Illness

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

An in-depth look at the sociology of health and illness including an examination of the social structures related to the medical system, the social psychology of health and illness, a comparative analysis of sick role behavior as well as the study of social causes and consequences of health and illness.

SOC 4063: Social Stratification

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

A study of social class and consequences for society and individuals.

SOC 4073: Sociology of Religion

Prerequisite: SOC 1003.

A study of the various theoretical explanations of religion, including its relationship to the larger society and the world system.

SOC 4143: Seminar in Sociology

A directed seminar in an area of sociology. The specific focus will depend upon research underway, community or student need, and the unique educational opportunity available.

Note: May be repeated for credit if course content differs.

SOC 4183: Social Gerontology

Prerequisite: SOC 1003

An introduction to the sociology of aging: content provides general and specific knowledge regarding the aging process. Implications for economic, political, and family institutions are emphasized.

SOC 4206: The Law in Action

Cross-listed: CJ 4206

Offered: Summer only

Prerequisites: SOC/CJ 2043, 9 hours of criminal justice coursework, senior classification, and instructor permission.

An examination of sociological theories of law and main currents of legal philosophy is followed by participant observation of actual community legal agencies, including police, courts, and others as available.

SOC 4283: Sociology Capstone

Prerequisites: All required sociology courses (lower and upper division) and 9 hours of upper division electives in sociology, or consent of instructor.

This course must be completed by all sociology majors prior to graduation. The course content/topic is determined by the professor and current issues in the local community, which may vary semester to semester. Emphasis will be placed on linking theory, research methods, and social action to community defined problems in the form of applied sociology.

SOC 4951, 4952, 4953, 4954: Undergraduate Research in Sociology

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Advanced students carry out independent research activity relating to a significant problem in a major field of study. Supervised by faculty member. Formal report and presentation required. One to four credits depending on problem selected and effort made.

SOC 4991, 4992, 4993, 4994: Special Problems in Sociology

Prerequisite: Prior approval by instructor

Content will be determined by specific curriculum review and student need.