Hospitality Administration Course Descriptions

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HA 1001: Orientation to Hospitality Administration

Orientation to the university and hospitality administration as a profession. Exploration of successful student and career paths.

HA 1011: Sanitation Safety

Prerequisite: Hospitality majors only or permission of Department Head.

This course provides knowledge of food safety in the areas of food service and storage. The student will gain knowledge on safe food handling; receiving and storage through preparing and serving. This course will also analyze ethical considerations with regards to food and serving. ServSafe certification from the National Restaurant Association will result from successful completion of standardized exam. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

HA 1043: Introduction to Hospitality Management

The history and development of the hospitality industry which comprises food, lodging, and tourism management; an introduction to management principles; characteristics of hospitality industry, concepts used in the service industry, and career opportunities in the field.

HA 2023: Hospitality Leadership and Ethics

This course will develop student skills necessary to lead and manage hospitality organizations in an ethically, environmentally, economically, and socially acceptable manner. It will include analysis of organizational work environments and critical situations. Students will explore their existing leadership styles, build foundational principles, and commit to their own moral compass in relation to the codes of conduct, core values, and best practices relative to the professional world.

HA 2043: Lodging Operations Management I

A survey of the lodging industry to include its history, growth and development, and future direction. Emphasis on front office procedures and interpersonal dynamics from reservations through the night audit.

HA 2053: Work Experience

Prerequisites: HA major or HA minor; sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

Placement in selected hospitality settings as a student worker under professional guidance of both agency and faculty. Students are given the opportunity to take part in meaningful work experiences in actual work situations and managerial observation.

Minimum of 200 clock hours of work experience.

HA 2063: Guest Service Management

The analysis and development of guest services management skills including leadership behavior, motivation, communication, training, staffing, etiquette, and professional service.

Lecture two (2) hours, lab minimum of four (4) hours.

Note: $200 lab fee

HA 2073: Introduction to Event Management

Offered: Spring

This course will offer an introduction to the principles of event management. The student will learn how to formulate event strategies across diverse contexts. The planning, development, management and implementation of events will be the focus of study. Opportunities for participation in on and off campus events will be an element of the course.

$100 course fee.

HA 2133: Introduction to Travel and Tourism

Cross-listed: RP 2133

The introduction to travel and tourism, its components and relationship to the recreation and hospitality industry. The course will explore the current and future trends in travel and tourism and the effects on the economy, as well as the social and political impacts of travel and tourism.

HA 2813: Basic Human Nutrition in Hospitality Administration

Study of the relationship between nutrition and health as a basis for food choices of all ages; the application of nutrient functions in human life processes and cycles; how balanced eating promotes healthy lifestyles. Current concepts and controversies are highlighted.

HA 2881, 2882, 2883: Special Topics

Offered: On demand

Investigative studies and special problems and topics related to hospitality administration.

Note: May be repeated if content differs.

HA 2914: Principles of Food Preparations

Prerequisite: HA 1011, HA 1043, HA 2813, CHEM 1113 and CHEM 1111

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to demonstrate skills in basic cooking techniques and methods, recipe conversion, and professional food preparation and handling. Additionally, the student should be able to recognize and safely operate common foodservice equipment used in commercial kitchens and demonstrate proficient culinary knife skills.

Lecture two (2) hours, lab minimum of four (4) hours.

Note: $200 lab fee

HA 2991, 2992, 2993: Special Problems

Offered: On demand

Investigative studies and special problems and topics related to hospitality administration.

Note: May be repeated if content differs.

HA 3013: Hospitality Marketing and Sales

The organization of the marketing function and its role and responsibility in developing an integrated marketing program. Focuses on the role of travel and tourism related services to the marketing function.

HA 3113: Human Resource Management in Parks, Recreation, and Hospitality Administration

Cross-listed: RP 3113

Prerequisites: Junior standing and nine hours of RP or HA courses.

An overview of personnel considerations in various Recreation and Park agencies and the Hospitality industry. Laws, legal issues, structure, staffing, motivation, training, conduct, policies, and other aspects of agency/industry human resource management will be examined.

HA 3143: Lodging Operations Management II

Prerequisite: HA 2043

This course evaluates the role of housekeeping, the planning and organization of various organizing tasks, and the importance of maintaining and training quality housekeeping staff. This course will evaluate managing inventories, controlling expenses and monitoring safety and security functions.

Lecture three (3) hours, additionally students will be required to have a minimum of 15 lab hours during the semester.

HA 3163: Hospitality Technology

Prerequisites: HA 1043 and COMS 1003

This course provides a foundation in information technology (IT) and how it relates to everyday business computing in the hospitality industry. Topics include: fundamental IT concepts; understanding the issues related to systems selection, standardization and efficiency; integration or applications; and recognizing the importance of management information systems such as PMS and POS.

HA 3173: Hospitality Managerial Accounting

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: ACCT 2003

This course focuses on the use of accounting information for management decision making and control. Topics include product costing, budgeting, management decision making, and statement analysis.

HA 3183: Catering and Event Management

Prerequisites: HA 1011, 2063, 2073, and 2914

This course will focus on-site and off-site catering for social and business functions and event management for large-scale events, such as sporting events, festivals, and conferences. Topics to be discussed include organizational structure, product and service development, event planning and execution, staff and volunteer recruitment/training, and post-event analysis.

$200 laboratory fee.

HA 4001: Internship Preparation

Prerequisites: HA major, senior standing, and completion of HA 2053 or permission of department head.

Preparation for the internship experience. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

HA 4023: Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

Prerequisites: Junior standing plus nine hours of HA courses or by permission.

The fundamental principles of facilities planning, facilities management, and maintenance for all segments of the hospitality industry. Application principles in the preparation of a typical layout and design.

HA 4033: Legal Aspects of Hospitality Administration

Prerequisites: Senior standing or permission of instructor.

Examination of the laws regulating the hospitality industry. Development of an appreciation of the interrelationship between the law and the hospitality industry. Exploration of how legal principles apply in the global environment of the hospitality industry.

HA 4053: Meetings and Conventions Management

Prerequisites: Junior standing plus nine hours of HA courses or by permission of the instructor.

Planning, managing, amd execution of multiple events required. CVENT Certification will result upon successful completion of standardized exam.

HA 4063: Beverage Management

Prerequisites: 21 years of age, HA major or permission of the instructor.

Selection, storage, and service of beverages with emphasis on controls, merchandising, pricing, history, social and legal concerns. Successful completion of standardized exam results in Serv Safe Alcohol certification from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Lecture two hours, lab two hours. $100 Lab fee required.

HA 4073: Hospitality Financial Analysis

Prerequisites: ACCT 2003 and HA 3173

Accounting principles and procedures for the Hospitality Industry as an aid in management planning, decision making and control, financial statements, statement analysis, flow of funds, cash analysis, accounting concepts, cost accounting budgets, capital expenditures, and pricing decisions.

HA 4093: Resort and Club Management

Cross-listed: RP 4093

Prerequisites: Junior standing and nine hours of RP or HA courses or by permission.

An in-depth study of resorts and clubs with respect to their planning, development, organization, management, marketing, visitor characteristics, and environmental consequences.

HA 4114: Internship

Prerequisites: Hospitality Administration major; senior standing; current certifications in CPR; Standard and Advanced First Aid; consent of department head and completion of all other courses applicable to degree.

Placement in selected agency settings as a student intern under professional guidance of both agency supervisor and faculty. Emphasis will be placed on application of classroom theory to agency requirements which fulfill student's individual career interest. No prior experience credit will be granted. Minimum of 400 clock hours during a minimum of 10 weeks of supervised internship is required. Student cannot document more than 40 hours of work experience per week. A written report is required within one week of internship completion.

$100 supervisor travel fee required.

HA 4203: Hospitality Strategic Management

Prerequisites: HA major, senior standing, and completion of 15 hours of HA courses.

This course focuses on analyzing, evaluating, and developing strategies internally and externally using a case-based approach. Strategic management draws upon all previously completed hospitality administration courses including: marketing, accounting, operations management, human resources, and technology.

$75 Certification for Hotel Industry Analytics fee.

HA 4243: Advanced Lodging Operations Management

Prerequisites: HA 3143

An in-depth study of hotel and lodging operations management. The analysis of competitive strategies, leadership styles, teamwork, technology and creativity in the hotel and lodging industry.

$100 course fee.

HA 4881, 4882, 4883: Advanced Special Topics

Offered: On demand

Investigative studies and special problems and topics related to hospitality administration.

Note: May be repeated if content differs.

HA 4951, 4952, 4953, 4954: Undergraduate Research in Hospitality Administration

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Advanced students carry out independent research activity relating to a significant problem in a major field of study. Supervised by faculty member. Formal report and presentation required. One to four credits depending on problem selected and effort made.

HA 4986: Purchasing and Advanced Food Preparation

Prerequisites: HA 1011, 2813, 2914, and 2063.

This course provides for development and implementation of an effective food and non-food purchasing program and focuses on product identification, supplier selection, ordering, receiving, storing and issuing processes. Also, this course is designed to build knowledge and experience in quantity food production in a foodservice operation. Student should be able to demonstrate advanced level cooking techniques, recipe conversion, menu planning, professional food preparation and handling as well as managerial competencies.

This course is one hour and 20 minutes of purchasing lecture, 50 minutes of advanced food production lecture and a minimum of six hour lab.

$200 laboratory fee.

HA 4991, 4992, 4993: Special Problems

Offered: On demand

Investigative studies and special problems and topics related to hospitality administration.

Note: May be repeated if content differs.