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Bachelor of Science in Middle Level Education - Science and Social Studies

The Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence degree exists to provide quality preservice educational programs and services in preparation for teaching grades 4-8. The program prepares and nurtures interdisciplinary teachers who reflect content knowledge as well as facilitate creative talents.

The program is designed around a conceptual framework which organizes learning expectations and experience into manageable discipline-specific strands including: professional and pedagogical knowledge, knowledge of the student, developmentally appropriate and effective practices, knowledge of integrated disciplines, global and cultural perspectives, technology, and a liberal arts and science background.

The first stage of the middle level program is a pre-professional program and admission to this stage does not constitute approval for admission to the professional program in teacher education. Stage II is the professional stage of the preparation program. Teacher candidates must satisfactorily complete the requirements of the first stage, have a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 on all coursework, complete English composition courses, an oral communication course, a college-level mathematics course, and complete MLED 2003 Introduction to Education with grades of "C" or higher. Competence in oral and written grammar will be assessed. Teacher candidates must submit scores from the Core Academic Skills Test that meet or exceed the levels established by the Arkansas Department of Education.

After satisfying all of the requirements at this level, the teacher candidate will apply for internship. Admission to internship requires completion of all professional education courses, senior standing, satisfactory completion of all prerequisites listed in the course descriptions, a minimum grade of “C” in all courses with a cumulative grade point average of 2.70, and the minimum score on the licensure examination as required by the Arkansas Department of Education.

Teacher candidates should complete an application for admission to the internship for the spring semester by October 1 or for the fall semester by March 1. Teacher candidates must present scores on the appropriate licensure examination as directed by the Arkansas Department of Education.

See the College of Education page for additional requirements.


Social Studies



The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements".
2Any higher level Mathematics course may be substituted for MATH 1113 College Algebra.
3Select from the Science and Social Studies concentrations above.