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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Business Data Analytics

Business Data Analytics applies knowledge and skills in business, math, and technology to solve some of today’s toughest problems. Students learn to apply quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and high ethical standards to real world situations. Graduates in this major are able to analyze both small and big data sets to develop business insights to guide decision making. Analysts see trends, identify opportunities, and make predictions that allow businesses to survive and thrive in a competitive, rapidly changing environment. People who can make sense of the numbers and have strong data-driven decision making skills are highly sought after in organizations of all sizes and across all industries. The goal of the BDA program is to have students ready to contribute to the organization’s bottom line from day one. 


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in “General Education Requirements”.
2Approved Electives: MGMT 3113 Business Process Improvement, BDA 4031 BDA Internship/BDA 4032 BDA Internship/BDA 4033 BDA Internship, BDA 4073 Special Topics, MKT 4013 Digital Metrics, FIN 4033 Financial Modeling, COMS 1333 Web and Mobile Technologies, COMS 2104 (Prerequisite COMS 1403 Orientation to Computing, Information, and Technology/COMS 1411 Computer and Information Science Lab),
MKT 3063 Social Media Marketing, PHIL 3103 Logic, HIM 4063 Organization and Administration, MGMT 4103 Supply Chain Management, STAT 2304 Programming Languages for Data Science or higher STAT course.
3 This program partners the BSBA undergraduate degree with the MBA degree. A maximum of twelve (12) graduate level credit hours can be counted towards both the BSBA degree in Business Data Analytics and the MBA degree.  Four graduate level courses can be used to replace four upper-division undergraduate courses as follows:
BDA 6203 Business Information Analysis can replace MKT 3153 Marketing Research and Analysis
MGMT 6203 Decision Modeling in Supply Chain Management can replace MGMT 4103 Supply Chain Management
MKT 6103 Digital Marketing Strategy can replace MKT 4013 Digital Metrics
BDA 6323 Applied Predictive Analytics can replace BDA 4003 Business Intelligence