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Bachelor of Arts in Music

An audition, demonstrating acceptable musical preparation, is required prior to enrollment as a major in music.

To meet the requirements for the baccalaureate degree in music, the student must complete 120 semester hours, including

  • 8 hours of applied music and successful completion of the Sophomore Barrier and Keyboard Proficiency Exams,
  • 4 hours in required ensembles (band or choir),
  • 16 hours in music theory and ear training; and
  • 8 hours of music history.

See the Department of Music page for additional requirements.


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

Fall Credits
MUS 3692 History of Music III 2
Elective  8, 9 14
Total Hours 16
Spring Credits
FAH 1XXX Fine Arts and Humanities Courses 1
Elective  8, 9 10
Total Hours 13

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements".
2Piano (MUS 1441 Class Piano I, II, III, and IV or MUS 1201 Applied Music - Piano) to be taken each semester until completion of Piano Exit Exam. Students completing the exam upon entrance may substitute music elective hours for the requirement.
3Enrollment in MUS 1501 Band, MUS 1571 University Choir, or MUS 1681 Concert Chorale to be selected by advisor. Only one credit per semester may be used for completion of major ensemble requirement.
4Successful completion required for graduation.
5Vocal majors are encouraged to enroll in Vocal Diction (MUS 1191 Vocal Diction I, MUS 2191 Vocal Diction II ) for elective credit.
6Successful completion required for enrollment in upper-level applied study for two hour credit and for completion of all music degrees.
7Concurrent enrollment is required for applied study in appropriate MUS 1501 Band, MUS 1571 University Choir or MUS 1681 Concert Chorale.
8Elective courses to obtain a minimum of sixty-six non-music hours (21-23 in addition to General Education and Foreign Language hours).
9Elective courses to obtain a minimum of forty 3000/4000 level hours (32 in addition to music history hours).
10See course descriptions for the appropriate applied music course number.
11Must be in one language. Students may waive three hours of language requirements for every one year of language study in high school with grades of "C" or better.