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Pre-Law Pre-Professional Program

Accredited law schools have not, in general, adopted specific requirements for pre-law courses. However, in most cases, courses of value to those planning the study of law include: history, economics, political science, philosophy, psychology, sociology, English composition, and literature, as well as courses in the natural sciences, mathematics, and accounting. A broad cultural background is of prime importance.

Rather than attempt to prescribe the specific contents of courses to be taken by pre-law students, Arkansas Tech University considers the individual intellectual interests of students of prime importance, encouraging development of the ability to read and comprehend accurately, rapidly, and thoroughly; to think logically; to analyze and weigh situations and materials; to speak and write clearly; and to develop a critical approach and mature study habits.

The pre-professional curriculum is not a major in itself. Pre-law students must declare a major for graduation selected from any degree currently offered at Arkansas Tech University. Among general electives in the chosen major, or in excess of the 120 hours required for graduation, pre-law students are urged to take the courses listed below to prepare them for the LSAT and law school.

Many pre-law students choose to major in history or political science, and pre-law advisors are located in the Department of History and Political Science. Students should consult these listed pre-law advisors regardless of their chosen major, as these advisors specifically help students design a good pre-law curriculum.

Recommended Curriculum in Pre-Law