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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

The program in creative writing seeks to help students develop their creative potential, especially in writing; explore the practical aspects of publishing and getting published; learn a respect for and an understanding of language; appreciate and profit from a study of our common literary heritage; increase their awareness of and empathy for diverse peoples and cultures; discover the relevance of ideas and values found in their reading; and learn to think critically and evaluate wisely.

Creative writing majors are prepared for a variety of careers in advertising, communications, education, government, management, personnel work, public relations, and sales. A degree in creative writing also provides an excellent undergraduate preparation for the student planning to pursue graduate study of business, law, or the humanities.

The degree program in creative writing requires 45 hours in English:

The creative writing major must complete two semesters in one foreign language or have completed two years of language study in high school with grades of "C" or better.

Students who plan to use a creative writing degree as a preparation for law school are encouraged to complete some of the following electives in addition to their required courses:


The matrix below is a sample plan for all coursework required for this program.

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements".
2Any 2-4000 level English courses excluding ENGL 2003 Introduction to World Literature, ENGL 2013 Introduction to American Literature, ENGL/JOUR 2173 Introduction to Film, ENGL 2881 Practicum-Literary Journal Publication, and ENGL 4881 Practicum-Editing Literary Journal-4.
3At least 40 of the 120 hours required for graduation must be earned in 3000-4000 level courses.
4Seniors admitted to the Accelerated BA in Creative Writing to MA in English Program can substitute twelve (12) hours of the following courses as electives: ENGL 5023 Second Language Acquisition, ENGL 5083 Seminar: English Language, ENGL 5093 Seminar in Creative Writing, ENGL 5103 Literary Theory, ENGL 5173 Seminar in Film Studies, ENGL 5213 American Folklore, ENGL 5283 Seminar: World Literature, ENGL 5383 Seminar: American Literature, ENGL 5483 Seminar: British Literature, ENGL 5683 Seminar in Gender Studies, ENGL 5703 Teaching English as a Second Language, ENGL 5713 ESL Assessment, ENGL 5723 Teaching People of Other Cultures.
5All minimum college hours (at least two semesters) should be in one language. Students with previous study in a foreign language should refer to Foreign Language Advanced Placement and Credit under Credit by Examination. Students may waive three hours of language requirements for every one year of language study in high school with grades of "C" or better.