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Associate of Arts in General Education

The associate of arts degree offers students the background, knowledge, and academic preparation necessary to pursue career opportunities not requiring the traditional four-year degree while providing the foundation for continued study toward a bachelor’s degree.

To qualify for the associate of arts in general education, the student must satisfy the associate degree requirements, see “Associate Degrees” and complete the following curriculum:

Curriculum Hours
General Education Courses 1 35
TECH 1001 Orientation to the University or any approved orientation course 2 1
Electives 24

1See " General Education Requirements".
2Approved orientation courses: AGBU 1001 Agriculture Orientation, BIOL 1011 Orientation to the Biological Sciences, ELEG 1011 Introduction to Electrical Engineering, FW 1001 Orientation to Fisheries and Wildlife Science, HA 1001 Orientation to Hospitality Administration, MCEG 1011 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, MUS 1751 Orientation to Music, PE 1201 Orientation to Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Science, PHSC 1001 Orientation to Physical Science, RP 1001 Orientation to Recreation and Park Administration.