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Department of Art

The Art Department is committed to quality visual arts education consistent with high professional standards. To achieve its mission, the Art Department seeks to provide:

  1. A strong core foundation in visual art concepts and vocabulary in combination with the techniques, skills, and art processes to accomplish advanced projects.
  2. Substantive curriculum content that engages and challenges students to think critically about their intellectual response to art as well as their own creative process.
  3. Historical perspectives necessary for student understanding of the role of art across time, as a form of communication, and in cultural contexts.
  4. Opportunities for developing a portfolio consistent with areas of professional specialization.
  5. Leadership in developing and providing access to visual arts programming for the university and community.
  6. Internships that offer students opportunities to work with professionals in their fields of study.

Foundations Core Courses

All majors (except Game and Interactive Media Design) will enroll in a foundations core made up of:

Game and Interactive Media Design Core Courses

*These courses may be taken independently of one another, and more than one may be taken in a semester.

All art majors are required to enroll in ART 3001 Sophomore Review course which serves as a review of the student’s skills in the above four required foundation courses. All art students are also required to take twelve hours of art history.

Fine Art, Graphic Design and Game and Interactive Media students are required to exhibit their work in a culminating Senior Exhibition in their Senior Year.

Contact Information

Kasten Searles, Department Head of Art

Norman Hall, Room 104A
(479) 968-0244 Ext. 5030


Neal Harrington, Summer Bruch

Associate Professors

Lyn BrandsBreanna ClaireJasmine Greer

Jessica Mongeon, Dustin Simpson

Assistant Professors

Lynnette Gilbert, Kris Waid-Jones


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